Hitachi Vantara HCE-5710 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Hitachi Vantara HCE-5710 (Replication Solutions Implementation) Sample Questions:

01. A customer has purchased a Hitachi Storage Cluster (HSC) for Microsoft Environments. Which component is included?
a) VBS scripts
b) Microsoft Cluster
c) Hitachi VSS Agent
d) Hitachi client for Microsoft Exchange
02. When performing a migration using Volume Migrator, which three LDEVs cannot be migrated?
(Choose three.)
a) An expanded LU volume.
b) Volumes being used by Concurrent Copy.
c) Volumes for which there is a pinned track.
d) A TrueCopy source volume which is in PSUE state.
e) Volumes being managed by Cache Residency Manager.
03. An error has occurred on a HiCommand Protection Manager (HPtM) server and logs are required to diagnose the problem. Which utility is used to collect the HPtM logs?
a) the TIC utility
b) the jpcras utility
c) the drm_log utility
d) the hcmdsgetlogs utility
04. Your customer must decide which Three Data Center (3DC) Business Continuity Solution configuration meets expectations. Which 3DC configuration is accurate?
a) 3DC Multi-target with a Journal Group on all three USPs.
b) 3DC Multi-target with a Journal Group on each of two USPs.
c) 3DC Pass-Through Cascade with a Journal Group on two USPs.
d) 3DC Pass-Through Cascade with a Journal Group on three USPs.
05. A customer is interested in acquiring an Hitachi Storage Cluster (HSC) for Microsoft Environments solution. Which two extra features or functions are being purchased?
(Choose two)
a) The ability to do server clustering.
b) The ability to do clustering over long distance.
c) The ability to coordinate replication and clustering.
d) The ability to do clustering with heterogeneous storage.
06. If a customer has a server cluster, what does a quorum disk do?
(Choose two.)
a) It is a configuration database.
b) It tells the applications what storage to access.
c) It decides where to run an application if a node fails.
d) It tells the storage which applications are accessing it.
07. A customer wishes to copy a database on external storage controlled by a Universal Storage Platform over 10km using TrueCopy Synchronous. Which HiCommand product is used to manage the replication?
a) HiCommand Device Manager (HDvM)
b) HiCommand Protection Manager (HPtM)
c) HiCommand Replication Monitor (HRpM)
d) HiCommand Tiered Storage Manager (HTsM)
08. One CCI instance fails to start. You decide to review the HORCM logs to determine what is wrong. Where are the logs stored?
a) Under /var/adm.
b) On the Command Device.
c) Always under Horcm/log/curlog.
d) It depends on the environment variable.
09. A customer has a server cluster, what are two features of a quorum disk?
(Choose two.)
a) It must reside on a RAID disk.
b) It must be accessible by all nodes.
c) It contains the status of all nodes in a cluster.
d) A copy must always be available to all nodes.
10. Which statement is true about HiCommand Tiered Storage Manager?
a) It moves the LDEV number before copying data.
b) It works as a migration controller.
c) Migration using Tiered Storage Manager is disruptive to the continuance of a business.
d) Tiered Storage Manager focuses on short term improvements of a storage system's performance.


Question: 01

Answer: a

Question: 02

Answer: b, c, e

Question: 03

Answer: c

Question: 04

Answer: a

Question: 05

Answer: b, c

Question: 06

Answer: a, c

Question: 07

Answer: a

Question: 08

Answer: d

Question: 09

Answer: b, c

Question: 10

Answer: b

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