Fortinet NSE 8 Certification Exam Syllabus

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Our team of experts has composed this Fortinet NSE 8 exam preparation guide to provide the overview about Fortinet Network Security Expert 8 Written Exam exam, study material, sample questions, practice exam and ways to interpret the exam objectives to help you assess your readiness for the Fortinet NSE8 812 exam by identifying prerequisite areas of knowledge. We recommend you to refer the simulation questions and practice test listed in this guide to determine what type of questions will be asked and the level of difficulty that could be tested in the Fortinet NSE 8 Network Security Expert certification exam.

Fortinet NSE 8 Exam Overview:

Exam Name Network Security Expert 8 Written Exam
Exam Number NSE 8 NSE8 812
Exam Price $400 USD
Duration 120 minutes
Number of Questions 60
Passing Score Pass / Fail
Recommended Training FCX Immersion
Exam Registration Pearson VUE
Sample Questions Fortinet NSE 8 Sample Questions
Practice Exam Fortinet Certified Expert - Cybersecurity Practice Test

Fortinet NSE 8 Exam Topics:

Section Objectives

Security architecture

Demonstrate knowledge of FortiGate Network Security products - Chassis solutions 6000/7000 modules and architecture
- Correct hardware production selection based on design
Demonstrate knowledge of Fortinet Security Fabric Solution deployments - FortiMail
- FortiSandbox
- Traditional networks and hybrid/cloud/multi-cloud networks
- Logging and management protocols used by Fortinet, and required network architecture for resiliency
Demonstrate knowledge of Fortinet high-availability solutions - Core products
- Types of the HA solutions
- HA and Cloud deployments
- Optimization


Demonstrate knowledge of FortiGate operation modes - Transparent Mode and Layer-2 Traffic
- VDOM and VDOM links
Demonstrate knowledge of FortiGate hardware technology - NP6/NP7/nTurbo/CP9/SoC4 acceleration and acceleration concepts
- Hyperscale requirements, operation, limitations
- Traffic Flows during acceleration and offloading
- Describe and design hardware accelerated networks with FortiGate devices
- FortiGate chassis/module architecture
- Life of packet
- Hardware offloading
Demonstrate knowledge of non-FortiGate hardware technology - Hardware v virtual
Demonstrate knowledge of Fortinet solutions for cloud security - Private cloud
- Public cloud


Demonstrate knowledge of advanced routing and networking technologies - Static routing
- Dynamic routing (OSPF/BGP)
- Routing and high availability concepts
- Asymmetric routing
- Secure SD-WAN Routing
- Policy Routing
- Multi-cast routing
- Routing control
  • Dual-bidirectional NAT between two address domains
  • Interpret NAT information presented in Session table output

- IPv6

  • NAT46 & NAT 64, SLAAC, DHCPv6, DNSv6

- Traffic shaping

  • Interface-based shaping configuration
  • Effects on hardware acceleration

- Virtual wire pairs

  • VWP with VLAN tags
Demonstrate knowledge of advanced VPN design methodologies - SSL VPN / IPSEC
- Aggregate VPN
- IKEv1 vs IKEv2 differences
Demonstrate knowledge of Fortinet access solutions advanced configurations and features - FortiSwitch advanced configurations

- FortiAP advanced configurations

  • Remote tunneling

- Advanced use cases of FortiExtender (IPSEC VPN, VLAN mode)

  • VLAN mode

- FortiOS access control features

  • Control Policy
  • Device Profiling
  • DHCP Option 82
  • FortiNAC configuration
  • Remediation Policy
Demonstrate knowledge of how to integrate Fortinet access solutions - Advanced authentication for access layer
  • FortiAP radius based dynamic vlan
  • RADIUS based dynamic VLAN

- FortiLink advanced configurations

  • Quarantine NAC vlans
  • FortiLink over L3

- Centralized management of access products from FortiManager
- Design Fortinet access layer solutions

  • Wireless planning
  • Switch stack design
  • ZTNA solutions

- Fortinet Security Fabric and integrated management of Firewall, access, and ATP products

Demonstrate knowledge of application delivery - Load balancing
- Health checks

Secure SD-WAN

Demonstrate knowledge of SD-WAN advanced architecture and design - Design and implement a full featured SD-WAN solution with dynamic routing
- Local traffic routing with SD-WAN
- Understanding SD-WAN rules and failover
Demonstrate knowledge of SD-WAN advanced features - Azure vWAN
- ADVPN design and requirements
- Packet duplication and aggregate tunnels
- Network overlays
Demonstrate knowledge of SD-WAN troubleshooting - Session failover with NAT
- Session route change with max bandwidth method
- Shortcut tunnels and BGP

Security Solutions

Demonstrate knowledge of Fortinet application security solutions - Operation and deployment modes
- Designing resilient solutions
- Advanced security inspection
- FortiGuard services for enhanced Fortinet solutions
- Troubleshooting application security issues
Demonstrate knowledge of Fortinet network security solutions - Inspection modes
- Security profiles
- Troubleshooting FortiOS security features
- FortiGuard services for FortiOS security services
- VoIP
  • VoIP ALG / proxy
  • SIP kernel-helper
  • Flow SIP

- HTTP/2

  • SSL inspection with HTTP/2
Demonstrate knowledge of authentication mechanisms - Implement SAML authentication
- Integrate external authentication using Radius / LDAP
- Configuring Fortinet product authentication using FortiAuthenticator
- Authentication using VSAs with Radius for automated roles / profiles
- Two factor authentication using certificates and tokens
- Fortinet FSSO using collectors and FortiAuthenticator
- Integrate with AD certificate services
- RBAC, authentication and certificate management solutions with Fortinet Management products

Security operations

Demonstrate knowledge of Fortinet SOC solution - Integrate Fortinet solutions for advanced threat protection
- Security incident handling
- Security incident enrichment
- Threat analysis and incident response
- Automated remediation
- Fortinet management and logging tools
Demonstrate knowledge of Fortinet endpoint solutions - Network admission control solution
- Device On-boarding using various methods
- FCT Client Profile
- VPN Profile Management
- FortiClient EMS installation package managing
- EMS on net / off net
- ZTNA Policy / configuration (EMS/FCT/FG/FAC)
- Endpoint protection (Client/Guest)
- Quarantine functions on both LAN/WLAN
- EDR - Playbooks / Exceptions


Demonstrate knowledge of Fortinet Automation tools, solutions, and integrations - Automation Stiches
- Understand Fabric connectors
- Zero Touch Configuration/Zero Touch Provisioning
- Automated Response Systems (SOAR/Handlers)
- FortiSIEM log automation triggers
Demonstrate knowledge of Fortinet build-in scripting capabilities - FortiManager CLI/TCL Scripting
- FMG CLI Template + Variables
- FortiGate AutoScript
Demonstrate knowledge of Fortinet API configuration and usage - FortiGate webhook triggers
- API Integration within the Security Fabric
- Understand principles of API usage (including required config)
- Solutions for rollout and management of large scale FortiGate networks (Fortinet or 3rd party management tools)

Fortinet NSE8 812 Exam Description:

The Fortinet Certified Expert (FCX) is Cybersecurity designation recognizes your comprehensive knowledge of network security design, configuration, and troubleshooting for complex networks. To attempt the exam, you must have industry experience.

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