Palo Alto PCSAE Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Palo Alto PCSAE Sample Questions:

01. How do incidents relate to indicators?
a) Incidents generate indicators as part of their automated response
b) Indicators provide context to incidents
c) Incidents determine the severity of indicators
d) Indicators specify which incidents to ingest
02. In Cortex XSOAR, what do integrations do?
a) They connect alerts with responses
b) They enable real-time Cortex XSOAR software updates
c) They map alerts to incidents and query third-party information sources
d) They integrate the various components and functions that comprise Cortex XSOAR
03. Where is incident data stored?
a) /var/log/demisto/
b) /var/lib/demisto/
c) /var/lib/private/Answer
d) /usr/local/demisto/
04. If disk use is 45%, which color is the disk status indicator on the System Health dashboard?
a) green
b) yellow
c) red
d) black
05. What are two sources of alert enrichment for Cortex XSOAR?
(Choose two.)
a) SIEMs
b) Widgets
c) Dashboards
d) AutoFocus
06. Which type of task is used to interact with users through a survey?
a) conditional
b) standard
c) section header
d) data collection
07. Mapping of threat intel feeds enables which two abilities?
(Choose two.)
a) assign attributes from a threat intel feed to indicator fields
b) apply transforms (e.g., Uppercase) to attributes from threat intel feeds
c) run playbooks against new indicators of compromise
d) integrate threat intel feeds into other Palo Alto Networks products, such as Cortex XDR
08. Where can the entire history of group interactions involving an attack response be seen?
a) Cortex XSOAR War Room
b) Cortex XDR Incident page
c) AutoFocus
d) WildFire
09. Which command is used to retrieve lists to use in a playbook task?
a) /FetchList
b) !fetchList
c) /GetList
d) !getList
10. Which is the default global registry for Docker?
a) Docker Hub
b) Docker Engine


Question: 01

Answer: b

Question: 02

Answer: c

Question: 03

Answer: b

Question: 04

Answer: a

Question: 05

Answer: a, d

Question: 06

Answer: d

Question: 07

Answer: a, b

Question: 08

Answer: a

Question: 09

Answer: d

Question: 10

Answer: a

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