Palo Alto PCSAE Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Palo Alto PCSAE Sample Questions:

01. Which two types of actions can be specified with a Standard playbook task?
(Choose two.)
a) Manual
b) Automated
c) Conditional
d) Data Collection
02. The indicator verdict is based on what?
a) User script
b) Indicator type
c) Reputation script
d) Verdict Score
03. What dynamic field can you add to an Incident Layout?
(Choose two)
a) Phishing link
b) Email header
c) Graph of the number of bad indicators
d) Email body
e) Severity of bad indicators
04. You can install the Cortex XSOAR Engine on which two types of machine?
(Choose two.)
a) Windows
b) Mac OS
c) Linus
d) Ubuntu
05. When can the incident team populate Incident fields?
(Choose two)
a) At the beginning of the investigation
b) After accepting the incident data coming from incidents
c) After adding custom fields for incidents, evidence and indicators
d) During an investigation
e) After closing the investigation
06. How will you determine whether an incident requires further investigation or not?
a) Using rules and automation
b) Running playbooks
c) Using Cortex XSOAR
d) Using tenants
07. Where do logs appear after creating a log bundle?
a) /var/log
b) /var/log/demisto
c) DbotRole
d) demisto.dockerfiles
08. At which layer is indicator expiration applied?
a) Intel report level
b) Indicator type level
c) Management layer
d) Unit level
09. On which task does the default indicator extraction value depend?
a) Playbook task
b) Commands
c) Indicator extract
d) Default
10. Why is Demistomock library used?
a) To integrate script
b) To find source of the problem in the code
c) To debug your integration
d) To check logs and War Room entries


Question: 01

Answer: a, b

Question: 02

Answer: d

Question: 03

Answer: c, e

Question: 04

Answer: a, c

Question: 05

Answer: a, d

Question: 06

Answer: a, d

Question: 07

Answer: b

Question: 08

Answer: b

Question: 09

Answer: a

Question: 10

Answer: d

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