Cisco 300-430 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 300-430 (ENWLSI) Sample Questions:

01. How does a C9800 redirect ACL to ensure that traffic targeting the MSE IP address is redirected to the MSE?
a) With a specific permit instruction
b) With a specific deny instruction
c) With a final permit any wrapper
d) With a final (implicit) deny any wrapper
02. The Smart AP Image Upgrade option has been selected, but no master has been configured. What will happen?
a) The image upgrade will fail and the APs will continue to wait until a master is properly configured.
b) A master AP will be automatically selected based on the lowest MAC address.
c) The APs will bypass the option until a master is configured and will simply download the new image from the controller directly.
d) The APs will elect a master among themselves based on the lowest IP address.
03. What is a key requirement to enable split tunneling on a FlexConnect AP?
a) The centrally switched WLAN must have the locally switched option selected.
b) NAT/PAT must be configured to allow centrally switched traffic to access the local VLAN.
c) An ACL must be used for split tunneling to take effect.
d) Split tunneling must be configured at the FlexConnect group level.
04. Which two statements about the requirements for a Cisco Hyperlocation deployment are true?
(Choose two.)
a) After enabling Cisco Hyperlocation on Cisco CMX, the APs and the wireless LAN controller must be restarted
b) NTP can be configured, but that is not recommended
c) The Cisco Hyperlocation feature must be enabled on the wireless LAN controller and Cisco CMX
d) The Cisco Hyperlocation feature must be enabled only on the wireless LAN controller
e) If the Cisco CMX server is a VM, a high-end VM is needed for Cisco Hyperlocation deployments
05. You want to configure a new report on your AP loads over the last week from DNAC. Where should you go to configure such report?
a) Manage > Network > Reports
b) Settings > Performances > Reports
c) Dashboards > Health > Network Health
d) Dashboards > Performance > Network
06. A corporation has recently implemented a BYOD policy at their HQ. Which two risks should the security director be concerned about?
(Choose two.)
a) network analyzers
b) malware
c) lost and stolen devices
d) keyloggers
e) unauthorized users
07. In what state will your WLC CLI report a client with a static IP address that just completed L2 authentication?
a) Run
b) Authcheck complete
c) DHCP_fail
d) DHCP_reqd
08. To which MSE port does a WLC send AoA messages?
a) The WLC does not send AoA messages; APs send them directly to MSE.
b) TCP 16113
c) UDP 2003
d) The WLC does not send AoA messages; MSE pulls them from the WLC using NMSP.
09. When a multicast frame must be sent by an AP toward wireless clients, which of the following statements are true?
(Choose all that apply.)
a) The client recipient must return an ACK frame.
b) The frame must be transmitted on a 20MHz channel.
c) The frame must be transmitted at the data rate already in use for the client.
d) The frame must be transmitted at the highest mandatory data rate.
10. Why would someone prefer to use TACACS+ over RADIUS for management of users on a wireless controller?
a) TACACS+ is considered more secure due to its encryption capabilities.
b) RADIUS support has been deprecated.
c) TACACS+ offers granular levels of command authorization.
d) TACACS+ would not be preferred. They are essentially the same except that RADIUS is an open standard allowing support by third-party AAA servers.


Question: 01

Answer: b

Question: 02

Answer: b, d

Question: 03

Answer: d

Question: 04

Answer: a, c

Question: 05

Answer: c

Question: 06

Answer: b, c

Question: 07

Answer: d

Question: 08

Answer: c

Question: 09

Answer: b, d

Question: 10

Answer: c

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