Cisco 300-715 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 300-715 (SISE) Sample Questions:

01. What types of internal identity stores are used in ISE?
(Choose two.)
a) User database
b) Endpoint database
c) System database
d) Admin database
02. When an endpoint is quarantined with Adaptive Network Control (ANC), what happens to the endpoint?
a) The endpoint is blocked from accessing the network, based on MAC address
b) The endpoint is given Internet-only access until it is unquarantined
c) Nothing happens without a corresponding security policy
d) The endpoint is blocked from accessing the network, based on IP address
03. Which permission is common to the Active Directory Join and Leave operations?
a) Create a Cisco ISE machine account in the domain if the machine account does not already exist
b) Remove the Cisco ISE machine account from the domain.
c) Set attributes on the Cisco ISE machine account
d) Search Active Directory to see if a Cisco ISE machine account already exists.
04. Prior to the introduction of MAB, a switch port with a non-802.1X client would be configured without 802.1X. Why did this present issues?
a) A broadcast storm would be created as the endpoint device was plugged in to the interface
b) A non-802.1X client would still not be able to gain network access
c) A rogue user could unplug the non-802.1X endpoint and gain unauthorized access to the network
d) Rebooting the device would cause the switch port to go into an error disable state
05. Cisco ISE identity stores are used to authentication which of the following?
(Choose two.)
a) Endpoints
b) AD security groups
d) Users
06. How is an identity store sequence processed?
a) Bottom-to-top
b) Left-to-right
c) Top-to-bottom
d) In any order
07. In the ISE command-line interface, what command can be entered to show the running application processes?
a) configure application ise
b) show application status ise
c) show cpu
d) show processes
08. With what types of authentication types can MS-CHAPv2 be used when the identity store has an LDAP connection to Active Directory?
a) MS-CHAPv2 cannot be used with ISE when the identity store is LDAP
b) Machine authentication can be use
c) User authentication can be used
d) Both user and machine authentication can be use
09. Which of the following is a list of identity sources that are checked in order as part of authentication?
a) Authentication source
b) Identity database
c) Identity source sequence
d) Authentication database
10. What are two benefits of TACACS+ versus RADIUS for device administration?
(Choose two)
a) TACACS+ provides the service type, and RADIUS does not
b) TACACS+ uses UDP, and RADIUS uses TCP
c) TACACS+ encrypts the whole payload, and RADIUS encrypts only the password.
d) TACACS+ supports 802.1X, and RADIUS supports MAB
e) TACACS+ has command authorization, and RADIUS does not.


Question: 01

Answer: a, b

Question: 02

Answer: c

Question: 03

Answer: d

Question: 04

Answer: c

Question: 05

Answer: a, d

Question: 06

Answer: c

Question: 07

Answer: b

Question: 08

Answer: a

Question: 09

Answer: c

Question: 10

Answer: c, e

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