Cisco 300-820 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 300-820 (CLCEI) Sample Questions:

01. Between which two DTMF relay methods does the Expressway support interworking?
(Choose two.)
a) unsolicited notify
b) RFC 2833
d) passthrough
e) H.245 user input indication
02. In a Mobile and Remote Access deployment, where must communications be encrypted with TLS?
a) Cisco Expressway-E and endpoints outside the enterprise
b) Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and IM&P
c) Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Expressway-E, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager
d) Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Expressway-E, and endpoints outside the enterprise
03. Which complication does a NAT introduce in SDP for a SIP call?
a) Additional headers due to NAT encapsulation can cause the packet size to exceed the MTU.
b) When the client is behind a NAT they may be unable to determine the appropriate offset due to time zones.
c) The IP address specified in the connection data field may be an unrouteable internal address.
d) The encryption keys advertised in the SDP are only valid for clients not behind a NAT.
04. An Expressway-E is configured using a single NIC with NAT. How must the Expressway-C traversal client zone be configured to connect to the Expressway-E?
a) TLS verify must be enabled.
b) The zone profile must be set to default.
c) The peer address must be the Expressway-E NAT address.
d) The peer address must be the Expressway-E LAN 1 IP address.
05. Cisco Collaboration endpoints are exchanging encrypted signaling messages. What is one major complication in implementing NAT ALG for voice and video devices?
a) Internal endpoints cannot use addresses from the private address space.
b) The NAT ALG cannot inspect the contents of encrypted signaling messages.
c) NAT ALG introduces jitter in the voice path.
d) Source addresses cannot provide the destination addresses that remote endpoints should use for return packets.
06. What allows endpoints behind a NAT to discover the paths through which they will pass media?
a) RTP
b) TLS
d) ICE
07. With QoS enabled, which two statements about the Cisco Webex Video Mesh Node signaling and media traffic are true?
(Choose two.)
a) From VMN to CUCM SIP endpoints, the source UDP ports from 52500 to 62999 is used for audio traffic.
b) From VMN to Webex Teams clients, the source UDP port 5004 is used for video traffic.
c) From Webex cloud to VMN, the source UDP port 9000 is used for audio traffic.
d) From VMN to video endpoints, the destination UDP port 5004 is used for audio traffic.
e) From VMN to Webex cloud, the destination UDP port 9000 is used for video traffic.
08. For a Mobile and Remote Access deployment, which server's certificate must include the Unified registration domain as a Subject Alternate Name?
a) Expressway-C server certificate
b) Cisco Unified Communications Manager server certificate
c) Expressway-E server certificate
d) Expressway-C and Expressway-E server certificate
09. The Cisco Webex Hybrid Message service is deployed geographically for separate Cisco Unified IM and Presence clusters. What must be configured in the Cisco Webex Control Hub to achieve this deployment?
a) geo-locations
b) distributed DNS
c) verified domains
d) resource groups
10. When a Cisco Webex Video Mesh Node is configured for an organization, which process does the Webex Teams client use to discover the optimal bridging resource?
a) the lowest STUN round-trip delay to each node and cloud
b) a reachable Video Mesh Node and then overflows to the cloud, if needed
c) the SIP delay header during call setup
d) an HTTPS speed and latency test to each node and the cloud


Question: 01

Answer: b, e

Question: 02

Answer: d

Question: 03

Answer: c

Question: 04

Answer: c

Question: 05

Answer: b

Question: 06

Answer: d

Question: 07

Answer: a, b

Question: 08

Answer: c

Question: 09

Answer: d

Question: 10

Answer: b

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