Cisco 500-490 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 500-490 (ENDESIGN) Sample Questions:

01. Which two statements regarding Cisco SD-WAN vEdge routers can mitigate DoS attacks against the infrastructure?
(Choose two.)
a) Open Certificate Authority and automated enrollment feature.
b) By default, all incoming traffic is denied at the transport (WAN) side interfaces.
c) Only authorized controllers are allowed to communicate back to the vEdge router after the vEdge router establishes connections with the controllers.
d) In case of direct Internet access, the only traffic allowed back is the traffic matching the state table entries on the vEdge router.
e) The vEdge routers run on hardened Linux operating systems.
02. How would Cisco ISE handle authentication for your printer that does not have a supplicant?
a) ISE would authenticate the printer using MAB.
b) ISE would not authenticate the printer as printers are not subject to ISE authentication.
c) ISE would authenticate the printer using web authentication.
d) ISE would authenticate the printer using MAC RADIUS authentication.
e) ISE would authenticate the printer using 802.1X authentication.
03. What statement is true regarding the current time in Enterprise Networking history?
a) advent of cloud computing
b) pace of change
c) pervasive use of mobile devices
d) advent of loT
04. What are the three foundational elements required for the new operational paradigm?
(Choose three.)
a) policy-based automated provisioning of network
b) fabric
c) centralization
d) multiple technologies at multiple OSI layers
e) application QoS
f) assurance
05. Which are the three focus areas for reinventing the WAN?
(Choose three.)
a) Secure Elastic Connectivity
b) Operations
c) Cloud First
d) Execution
e) Centralized device authentication
f) Application Quality of Experience
06. Which are two Cisco recommendations that demonstrates SDA?
(Choose two.)
a) Focus on business benefits.
b) Show the customer how to integrate ISE into DNA Center at the end of the demo.
c) Be sure you explain the major technologies such as VXLAN and LISP in depth.
d) Use the CLI to perform as much of the configuration as possible.
e) Keep the demo at a high level.
07. What is the easiest way to enable SD-Access for all your remote sites after you have your campus SD-Access fabric up and running?
a) Treat all sites as one fabric domain and use the traditional physical network as the underlay.
b) Use a separate fabric domain for each site and use SD-WAN as the underlay.
c) Use a separate fabric domain for each site and use the traditional physical network as the underlay.
d) Treat all the sites as one fabric domain and use SD-WAN as the underlay.
08. Which two options help you sell Cisco ISE?
(Choose two.)
a) Discussing the importance of custom profiling
b) Referring to TrustSec as being only supported on Cisco networks
c) Showcasing the entire ISE feature set
d) Downplaying the value of pxGrid as compared to RESTful APIs
e) Explaining ISE support for 3rd party network devices
09. Which are two Cisco ISE that benefits our customers?
(Choose two.)
a) helps them stop and contain real-time threats
b) provides network access control
c) helps them accelerate application deployment and delivery
d) enables them to set traffic priorities across the network
10. Which two primary categories are displayed on the overall health page of the assurance component in the Cisco DNA Center?
(Choose two.)
a) Wired
b) Client
c) Access-Distribution
d) Server
e) Core
f) Network


Question: 01

Answer: c, e

Question: 02

Answer: a

Question: 03

Answer: d

Question: 04

Answer: a, b, f

Question: 05

Answer: a, c, f

Question: 06

Answer: a, e

Question: 07

Answer: a

Question: 08

Answer: c, e

Question: 09

Answer: a, b

Question: 10

Answer: b, f

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