A Concise Guide on How to Pass the In Juniper Junos Associate (JN0-103 JNCIA-Junos) Certification Exam


The Jupiter JN0-103 is an imperative exam that measures how well-versed an applicant is with networking and Juniper development architecture. By taking this JNCIA-Junos exam, an applicant obtains a Juniper Networks certified associate certification thus proving their skills with Juniper net Junos, networking basics, basic routing and switching IP addressing and subnetting skills.

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Since the exam is intended to check an applicant’s skill to deploy basic Juniper operating system services and fundamental networking, one is only expected to have primary networking knowledge. This makes it well suited for individuals looking to establish a career in networking. As a result of achieving this exam, applicants confirm their skills in routing and switching enterprise. Moreover, the exam confirms that one understands networking fundamentals as well as the core functionality of the Junos Operating system.

JNCIA-Junos is an entry-level certification appropriate for network professionals who are new to networking or have limited experience in the field. It includes basic routing and switching, network technologies, firewall filters, and Junos OS operation and monitoring. This is a great choice for a credential as it’s widely acknowledged in the IT industry.

JNCIA-Junos is the choice for many networking engineers to instantly increase to speed in the field and also to prepare for other high-level certifications. It’s necessary because it’s a prerequisite certification for some Specialist level certifications.

Targeted Audience for Juniper JN0-103 Exam

Since the JN0-103 exam mainly aims at covering the fundamentals of networking and Juno's operating system fundamentals, the exam can be taken by freshers. However, it is of great significance for a fresher to achieve a good result in the exams. Additionally, professionals looking validate their skills in networking can register for this exam; therefore, certifying their skills.

Skills Measured in JN0-103 JNCIA-Junos Certification Exam:

  • Networking basics

  • Junos operating software fundamentals

  • User interfaces

  • Routing foundation

  • Routing policies and firewalls

  • Junos configuration basics

  • Operational monitoring and maintenance

Why is Juniper JN0-103 Certification so prominent?

With the elegance of networking technologies and architecture, the need for network engineers is on the rise. Due to this, taking exams that certify one’s skills in networking skills makes them marketable in the market. Juniper JN0-103 being among the best networking infrastructure guarantees one a more leisurely time to land jobs. Additionally, Juniper comprises routing techniques that are also quite commercial in the market.

JN0-103 exam also measures one’s ability to deploy Junos security, configure different Juniper infrastructure and understand user interfaces better. Due to the intricacy of this exam, figuring out how to pass Juniper JN0-103 certification exam can be quite a difficult task. To assure that you have a more easy time preparing for the JN0-103 exam, Here we provide simple steps to get Juniper JN0-103 certification. It points out Juniper JN0-103 study materials and practice tests that help in understanding various concepts covered in the exam.

Official Reference Books

Although there are a diversity of materials and books on the market, some may carry outdated information that may sometimes be misleading. To assure that you get the accurate knowledge from your books, make sure that they are updated and intricate. To save you from the trouble, getting the following books is essential. These books are published by professionals in the market and thus have real-world access to issues hence making you conversant with different topics included in the exam. Among the books one should be used in your preparation for the exam, as it’s a relevant resource for your intense knowledge:

JNCIA: Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate Study Guide - this is a book by Joseph M. Soricelli that carried several topics in this certification with a comprehensive method thus clearly comprehending various aspects. Additionally, this comprises various issues with an in-depth thus presenting you well-versed with the topics. Moreover, the book comes with a CD that gives you practical knowledge thereby making it easy to apply the expertise in a lab.

Practice Tests

To have a better time understanding content tested in the exam, practice exams are of great benefit. These help you recognize areas that require your attention more thus allowing you to prepare for the exam. However, some practice tests can be misleading. For the latest information, the practice tests offered by nwexam.com are of great use.

Practice tests on nwexam.com are made to give a testing experience equivalent to a real testing environment. They are timed and filter questions like the certification exam. Taking JN0-103 Practice test will help you determine your learning for the certification exam. Practice tests on this site customize your testing experience by configuring to suit your distinct study needs.

Tips to Pass the Juniper JN0-103 (JNCIA-Junos) Certification Exam

To have an obvious way to prepare for Juniper JN0-103 certification the following tips have been provided by professionals and applicants that have already earned the certification.

  • Have a schedule for learning of topics included in the exam and have enough time for each topic. This assures that you comprise each detail of the exam completely thus being well prepared to ace the exam.

  • Assure that you have access to a lab, either virtual simulating a real one or to practice the knowledge acquired in class. Additionally, you can join several platforms to discuss areas that you face hurdles thus having an easier time familiarizing with multiple aspects tackled in the exam.

  • Assure that you take as many practice tests as possible to measure your understanding of different topics covered in the exam. However, assure that you master all the topics thoroughly before sitting for the exam thus examining the areas you require to spend more time when reading. After taking the tests, revise the areas where you executed poorly thus learning the concepts you may have missed.

  • One of the best ways to learn is to actively participate in a community. What’s necessary is that you’re around other, like-minded people. There’s been quite a bit of educational work around the effectiveness of group learning, and the outcomes have been convincing: people usually study best in groups. Not only do communities and gatherings allow you to engage yourself with people who have corresponding goals to yours, but they make you comfortable to share your knowledge and experience. One of the best ways to reinforce your skills is to teach them to others, and communities are an excellent way to do this. The biggest benefits of having communities are the knowledge and skills they provide.


To be well-versed with Juniper development architecture and configuration of Junos devices the above tips are of great help. Imagine, you have an entire picture of how to prepare for JN0-103 exam thoroughly and which study material to use. Save your time, pass the exam with an excellent score and boost your career.

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