Creating New Learning Experience With Juniper Certification

Juniper certification lets you shine as a skilled Juniper professional. Certification demonstrates that you have the skills necessary to manage and deploy Juniper technologies. 

For any aspiring IT individual, one of the best assets he may have is the Juniper Certification. You simply have to choose from any of the Juniper Certification exams according to your area of specialization. The exam consists of a written test for which hands on experience is necessary. Those individuals, who are looking forward to work with Juniper Networks or in any other esteemed IT organization, will find these exams really beneficial.

Juniper Certifications

Individuals can choose from four major categories to give exam in. These include network security, enterprise routing, switching and Firewall. You have to choose the category, enroll yourself and then wait for the exam to be held. Once you pass the exam, you get to become Juniper certified. No matter what category you choose, you are given an option to take the exam according to division. You can choose to give an exam of associate level, skilled level, or professional level.

The managers in the organizations say that they have always seen remarkable improvement in the performance of their employees after they attain Juniper certifications. This is because employees get to become more applicable to their job roles.

Once you manage to get the Juniper certification, you will become expert in the field and you will get the title of Juniper certified individual. It is known all over the world that Juniper professionals have got what it takes to perform complex tasks with respect to Information Technology. They are recognized as the most capable individual. If you never got a chance to find a job at Juniper Network, there is no need to worry because after getting the Juniper certification, you will find lots of employment opportunities in other esteem organizations. This certification will confirm your proficiency in the respective field. You will be counted in the category of the superior IT professionals.

The pattern of the exam is the same. You can take the exam from anywhere in the world, and these exams are offered in different languages too. They consist of multiple choice questions. Most of these questions are related to practical scenarios so you can only get the answers right if you are doing have hands on experience. You will be provided 4 hours to take the Juniper Certification exams.

Mock exams are also available. If you think you cannot pass the exam or you want to just give it a try first then you can choose to give mock exams. These are meant for the practice of the individuals. You must prepare yourself well before the date of the exam. Although, the questions are multiple choice based yet you cannot get them right until you are not properly prepared. There are study materials available for the Juniper Certification exams too. It will not be impossible to pass the exam, as you just have to make sure that you are prepared well.

In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of the many existing resources that help you learn Junos and prepare for Juniper certification including:

  • Our certification preparation guide that includes extensive practice questions for the JNCIA-Junos, JNCIS-SP, JNCIS-ENT, and JNCIS-SEC exams.

  • An introduction for anyone interested in learning about the Junos OS.

  • The Junos as a Second Language, Switching Language, Security Language, Scripting Language courses. Each has been designed to help transition specific skills to the Junos OS.

All the resources available on the Getting Started page: from Networking Fundamentals to 60+ installation and configuration courses. Not to mention links to related resources such as Day One Books and Learning Bytes.

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