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Become a CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate, in Just Two Weeks!


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In the IT world, some skills such as programming take years to learn and hone. This creates an intimidating environment for those who year to break in into IT fields. Not all skills are that rigorous or specialized.

Often it is hard to know which skills you should learn to start your career in tech. One of the more challenging paths is that of a CCNA. The CCNA is a certification that proves proficiency in networking concepts and hardware. One of the most sought-after skills is networking. It’s challenging, hard, rewarding, and yet invaluable as a skill. Every business requires the internet, and every small business needs a network. Much like CompTIA exams, Cisco offers many certifications that show potential employers who have put in the work to be considered a certified network technician. As the gold standard for showing skill in networking, the CCNA is a significant certification to recognize.

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