Cisco 300-730 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 300-730 (SVPN) Sample Questions:

01. When configuring Clientless SSL VPN on a Cisco ASA via ASDM, where are Bookmarks configured?
a) Remote Access VPN > Clientless SSL VPN Access > Portal > Bookmarks
b) Remote Access VPN > Clientless SSL VPN Access > Bookmarks
c) Remote Access VPN > Portal > Bookmarks
d) Remote Access VPN > Clientless SSL VPN > Advanced > Bookmarks
02. You are an administrator for an SSL VPN and you are being asked to configure remote desktop connectivity for offsite users. Which two bookmark options would provide this type of access to your remote users?
a) SSH plugin
b) RDP2
c) Citrix
d) VNC
e) Telnet
03. A new AnyConnect VPN environment is being planned that will utilize username/password authentication and will require multiple connection profiles. A key requirement is that users must not have to select a connection profile while logging in.
Which feature can be used to accomplish this goal?
a) Group alias
b) Group URL
c) LDAP attribute map
d) Group policy
04. Select the factors that need to be considered for a high availability solution in a site-to-site VPN design?
a) License requirement
b) Cost to store
c) Training and support
d) Equipment hardware and software
e) Application support
05. For which component would it be vital to have a redundant solution?
b) KEK
c) Key server
d) Group member
06. What are the key components of DMVPN?
(Choose all that apply.)
a) mGRE
d) Static routes
e) IPsec
f) Routing protocols
07. On the ASA, which command must be configured before you can enable AnyConnect VPN access?
a) anyconnect image
b) vpn-tunnel-protocol
c) group-policy
d) tunnel-group
08. During the NHRP registration process, what does the spoke provide to the hub router?
a) Internet address
b) Loopback IP address
c) Broadcast IP address
d) Tunnel IP address
e) Multicast IP address
09. What is the objective of the following code snippet?
Router_HQ1(config)#crypto map CMAP-Remote2 10 ipsec-isakp
Router_HQ1(config-crypto-map)#set peer
a) This part is how encryption is selected for the VPN
b) This code is used to decide the type of VPN
c) This part defines the crypto ACL and uses it with a peer
d) This part ties an existing crypto ACL to a remote peer
10. Without using the tunnel-group list, which two parameters help map a VPN session to a tunnel group?
a) group-url
b) certificate map
c) group-alias
d) static mapping


Question: 01

Answer: a

Question: 02

Answer: b, d

Question: 03

Answer: b

Question: 04

Answer: a, c, d

Question: 05

Answer: c

Question: 06

Answer: a, c, e, f

Question: 07

Answer: a

Question: 08

Answer: a, d

Question: 09

Answer: d

Question: 10

Answer: a, b

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