Cisco 300-920 Certification Exam Syllabus

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Our team of experts has composed this Cisco 300-920 exam preparation guide to provide the overview about Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex Devices exam, study material, sample questions, practice exam and ways to interpret the exam objectives to help you assess your readiness for the Cisco DEVWBX exam by identifying prerequisite areas of knowledge. We recommend you to refer the simulation questions and practice test listed in this guide to determine what type of questions will be asked and the level of difficulty that could be tested in the Cisco DevNet Specialist certification exam.

Cisco 300-920 Exam Overview:

Exam Name
Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex Devices
Exam Number 300-920 DEVWBX
Exam Price $300 USD
Duration 90 minutes
Number of Questions 55-65
Passing Score Variable (750-850 / 1000 Approx.)
Recommended Training Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex Devices (DEVWBX)
Exam Registration PEARSON VUE
Sample Questions Cisco 300-920 Sample Questions
Practice Exam Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist Webex Practice Test

Cisco 300-920 Exam Topics:

Section Weight Objectives
Webex API Foundation 15% - Describe the process to get access to Webex APIs for a given scenario (including getting the necessary users roles from a Webex administrator)
- Identify the authentication methods for Webex Teams, devices, and meetings
- Troubleshoot error codes for REST API responses (including rate limiting, access, and authentication)
- Interpret a REST API response that includes pagination and filtering
- Construct a JavaScript request using promises with a Webex JavaScript SDK
- Describe the OAuth token management lifecycle
Meetings 20% - Describe the capabilities of the Webex Meeting APIs
- Construct the JavaScript to schedule a meeting
- Construct HTTP requests with the XML API to manage users
- Construct the JavaScript to list and download a recording of a meeting
Devices 20% - Compare the capabilities and use of xAPI over SSH, REST APIs, and WebSockets
- Describe the mechanisms to send and receive data
- Construct a script using 'jsxapi' to address a scenario
- Troubleshoot macros
- Construct a custom user interaction (including in-room controls)
Messaging 20% - Construct REST API requests using JSON and HTTP for a given scenario (managing spaces, teams, and memberships)
- Construct a JavaScript application to send a message and to retrieve the content of an incoming message
- Construct a JavaScript application that uses cards
- Diagnose the process of managing Webhooks including resource and event filters
- Describe the limitations and capabilities of bots
- Identify whether to use a bot or an Integration in a given scenario
Embedding Webex 15% - Construct a HTML page embedding a Widget using an Integration or guest issuer
- Construct the JavaScript to call and screen share with the browser SDK
- Construct the JavaScript to call and send messages with the browser SDK and guest issuer
- Describe the mechanisms to receive incoming call notifications for IOS and Android SDKs
Administration and Compliance 10% - Construct the JavaScript to administer a Webex organization
  • User and licenses
  • Devices

- Construct JavaScript to collect compliance data
- Identify the requirements, steps, and permissions needed to take a compliance action on a message or space
- Construct the JavaScript to send requests to multiple devices for a given scenario

Cisco DEVWBX Exam Description:

The Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex Devices v1.0 (DEVWBX 300-920) exam is a 90-minute exam associated with the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional and Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist - Webex certifications. This exam tests a candidate's Webex development knowledge as it pertains to Webex API foundations, Webex Meetings, WebEx Devices, messaging, embedding Webex, and administration and compliance. The course, Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex Devices, helps candidates to prepare for this exam.

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