Cisco 500-210 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 500-210 (CSPOFE) Sample Questions:

01. Which three platforms does Cisco Transport Controller manage?
(Choose three.)
a) NCS 4000
b) ONS 15454 MSTP
c) NCS 6000
d) NCS 2000
e) ASR 9000
f) CRS
02. Between which types of endpoint are optical channel client connections made?
a) wavelength add/drop ports
b) transponder client ports
c) transponder trunk ports
d) optical service channel ports
03. Which two characteristics of the NCS 2000 describe add/drop and express patch panels?
(Choose two.)
a) passive
b) coherent
c) modular
d) high power
04. During Automatic Node Setup, if cards are not already installed, what will the setup tool do during slot setup?
a) abort the procedure and restart
b) skip over the empty slots and proceed to the next step
c) return an error message, disconnect, and restart
d) preprovision the slots with the appropriate card
05. What does the Functional View show in Cisco Transport Controller?
a) fiber interconnections between cards and nodes
b) slot assignments of line cards in the chassis
c) power levels of each wavelength
d) wavelength routing through the network
06. How many 100G transponders are supported in the NCS 2006 chassis?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8
07. Which two options are the two modes of operation for the 10 port SFP+ line card?
(Choose two.)
a) wire speed encryption
b) 10 x 10G muxponder client for 100G line card
c) 5 x 10G transponder
d) dispersion compensation
08. Where within Cisco Transport Controller can the user view the software release level for all nodes in the network?
a) Shelf > Maintenance > Software
b) Network > Maintenance > Software
c) Node > Maintenance > Software
d) Shelf > Maintenance > Wavelength Power
09. For which three functions are passive module USB ports used?
(Choose three.)
a) optical power monitoring
b) wavelength provisioning
c) port security
d) lamp lighting for locating
e) serial number for inventory
f) cell phone charging
10. In Cisco Transport Planner, which report do you reference to determine which wavelengths are used in which portions of the network?
a) Traffic Matrix
b) Link Availability
c) Wavelength Routing
d) Internal Connections


Question: 01

Answer: a, b, d

Question: 02

Answer: d

Question: 03

Answer: a, c

Question: 04

Answer: d

Question: 05

Answer: a

Question: 06

Answer: c

Question: 07

Answer: b, c

Question: 08

Answer: b

Question: 09

Answer: a, d, e

Question: 10

Answer: c

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