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Becoming CWNP certified showcase your solid understanding of wireless networking technologies and the CWNP products used in your role as a wireless networking professional. By earning the CWNP certification, you would be expanding your knowledge and arming yourself with the expertise necessary to tackle wireless networking issues in real-world environments. The CWNP certification program offers Administrator, Professional, Specialist level of certifications and it covers the wide range of wireless networking technologies and protocols.

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  • I am a professional based in Delhi. When i decided to give CWAP-404, i made sure that i give mock tests side by side to clear my doubts and boost my confidence. This site is best for people like me who understand the importance of simulated tests to give certification exam like CWNP. I am practising since past one month with unlimited access that the site has given me. I am sure i will achieve my goal in clearing CWAP-404 exam, based on my current performance.

    Feb 26 2022 - 19:15
  • I identified improvement areas while giving CWSP-206 mock tests. I came to know that i was weak in topic of security policy. Giving mock tests many number of times helped me a lot.

    Feb 19 2022 - 15:18
  • I could not have believed my score for the CWDP-304 certification exam if i would have not practiced on this site. But after becoming a premium member here, i knew that i would achieve my objective with ease and simplicity. This site taught me to aim high and to stick to the goal with the right method.

    william lewis
    Feb 18 2022 - 23:04
  • CWNP CWS-101 exam was quite easy for me because the mock tests I gave online were tougher and grilling as the questions were updated on a regular basis. I made a point to re-attempt the mock tests wherein i did not score much as it gave me a stronghold on those topics which were not my forte.

    Feb 14 2022 - 10:17
  • Just doing over the syllabus again and again would not have helped me. Paid online tests simulators helped me get a deeper view of the CWNP CWT-101 certification exam. My score is excellent in CWT-101 and i give the credit for this to this site that has always been there for me, right from the start. The design of the mock tests made sure that i win over my fears and pass the exam in a relaxed manner.

    Feb 9 2022 - 18:27