Become a Wi-Fi Specialist with CWNP Certifications


Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) was established in 1999 to formulate a training and certification program comprising the growing field of wireless networking technology. The CWNP program includes the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard in exquisite detail while providing specializations in implementation, wireless network design, administration, and security.

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CWNP's certification and training program have increased considerably since it was first offered. The organization has customers in over 150 countries across the world and offers training in several global regions. CWNP produces several training materials associated with its certifications, comprising videos, whitepapers, and the CWNP blog found on its website. It also provides an email newsletter that includes a broad spectrum of Wi-Fi networking topics.

CWNP Certifications Available to Professionals

CWNP presently provides seven distinct certifications in its program. These certifications are categorized by their associated complexity and experience levels into one of the following levels:
  • Entry-Level

  • Administrator-Level

  • Professional-Level

  • Expert-Level

  • Instructor

All CWNP certifications are vendor-neutral, indicating they are not associated with a specific manufacturer's wireless networking hardware or software products.

CWNP Enterprise Wi-Fi Career Certifications

CWNP offers career certifications in enterprise Wi-Fi technologies from beginner to expert. CWNP Wi-Fi career certifications measure your understanding of RF technologies, applications for Wi-Fi in the enterprise along with tools utilized to troubleshoot and secure enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

CWTS: Certified Wireless Technology Specialist

CWTS is an entry-level certification in the path of CWNP certificiations. It is designed for project managers, sales professionals, and networkers who are new to enterprise Wi-Fi. In this certification, you will learn what Wi-Fi is before you understand how it works. CWTS is a lifetime certification.

CWNA: Certified Wireless Network Administrator

CWNP CWNA is an administrator-level career certification designed for networkers who are in the field and require to completely understand RF behavior, site surveying, installation, and core enterprise Wi-Fi security. CWNA syllabus includes topics on how RF and IP come together as a Wi-Fi network. The CWNA certification is also valid for three years. 

CWSP: Certified Wireless Security Professional

CWSP is a professional level certification for network engineers who aspire to determine their expertise in enterprise Wi-Fi security. Compared to popular belief, enterprise Wi-Fi can be secure if the IT professionals installing and configuring it to understand how to secure the wireless network. You must have a current CWNA certification to take the CWSP exam. The CWSP certification is valid for three years.

CWDP: Certified Wireless Design Professional

CWDP is a professional level career CWNP certification for networkers who are already CWNA certified and have absolute knowledge of RF technologies and applications of 802.11 networks. The CWDP syllabus qualifies WLAN professionals to accurately design wireless LANs for different applications to perform optimally in diverse environments. You must have a valid CWNA certification to take the CWDP exam. The CWDP certification is valid for three years.

CWAP: Certified Wireless Analysis Professional

CWNP CWAP is a professional level career certification for professionals who have achieved CWNA certification and have an in-depth knowledge of RF technologies and applications of 802.11 networks. The CWAP exam syllabus qualifies WLAN professionals to troubleshoot, analyze, and improve any wireless LAN. You must have a valid CWNA certification to take the CWAP exam. The CWAP certification is valid for three years. The CWAP exam CWAP-403 is available at all Pearson VUE Testing Centers globally.

CWNE: Certified Wireless Network Expert

CWNE is an expert level Wi-Fi certification for the most superior Wi-Fi professionals. By successfully achieving the CWNE certification, an applicant would have demonstrated having the most high-level skills possible in the world of the enterprise Wi-Fi market.

Information about CWNP Examinations

All CWNP certifications are administered through Pearson VUE testing centers across the world. Exam vouchers can be bought from Pearson VUE or the online store on the CWNP official website. CWNP exams are only available in English.
CWNP's exam retake policy is persistent with similar guidelines from other vendors. If an applicant does not pass an exam on their first try, they may retake it at any time that's available for booking. If the applicant does not pass the exam on the second try (or any future trials), they must wait seven days before they may retake the exam.
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