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Are you planning to get a computer networking or data storage certification to flourish your professional career? We believe you are on the right path as there are many certifications that can give you the way. According to the survey results published by Payscale.com, the Networking Technology Certified Professionals get a higher salary than their non-certified equivalents. And you are at the right place; we are here to help you clear your Computer Networking and Data Storage Certification.

We are a group of Certified Networking and Storage Technology Professionals and have one thing in common; we all went through hardship. We all did a study, took training, and even read PDF question sets but due to less practice of giving exams online, we all suffered hardship. This experience taught us that, “Straight line is the shortest distance between two dots” and here the straight line is to practice in a real like exam environment, this thought inspired us to build this platform. Our motive is to provide maximum qualified and deserving certified candidates to the industries and help to create the global technology world.

We have sets of values at www.nwexam.com, and we believe in it indeed.

  • We are proud of providing ultimate satisfaction and guidance to thousands of candidates worldwide.
  • Nothing less than satisfaction, either you get satisfaction here, or you get your monitorial investment back. Yes, we call the cost of the premium practice exam an investment. We have created this practice exam with the belief that it should be worth investing time than money.
  • Provide truly excellent and refined content in a way that helps you gain your certification quickly.
  • Repetitive practice in a real like exam environment that eases your journey from a beginner to an experienced.
  • We have a team of certified experts behind each module's practice exam. Our team continuously working hard to provide you most recent, updated, and refined content as a practice exam that most likely to be on the actual certification exam.
  • We are not here to provide any certification exam dumps and we do not support such kinds of technics. We are here to provide a platform where Networking and Storage Technology Experts can join hands to impart knowledge available to community users that can help them pass their Networking and Storage Certification Exam with a good score.
  • At last, we are not here to make money; however, we charge here to pay our team of experts for their valuable contribution, to maintain our online platform, and to maintain the values of what we create here to help Networking and Storage Certification aspirants.
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  • Today's results from the Cisco ECMS 500-220 certificate exam truly brightened my day. Achieving a score of 920 in the Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions exam was incredibly rewarding. I owe much of my success to the invaluable assistance and support provided by mock tests, which revolutionized my approach to exam preparation. Now, having experienced this triumph, I understand the strategies employed by top performers, as I am proud to count myself among them.

    May 12 2024 - 18:27
  • NetApp Technology Associate certification exam was simplified after I did practice on mock tests. It helped increased my confidence and helped me strengthened my weak areas.-Elizabeth

    May 12 2024 - 17:11
  • Just 6 months back, i was feeling all dejected and sad. All my energy was sapped as i had no goal in career and life. However, deciding to practice for upcoming Cisco 300-910 certification exam opened up new avenues for me and i came in touch with these premium simulated tests available online. I am in a better space now.

    May 12 2024 - 12:56
  • Daily and by daily i mean even on sundays i gave mock tests. That is the reason i got desired marks in CWAP-404 exam only with two months of practice. Getting CWAP-404 certificate is proving to be very helpful to me.

    May 12 2024 - 11:42
  • When I made the decision to undertake the Cisco 500-560 exam, I braced myself for what I anticipated would be a challenging journey. Yet, as I reflect on it now, I am surprised by how smoothly everything unfolded. I had devised a daily schedule wherein I allocated time for studying and dedicated the remainder to taking online practice tests on the nwexam.com platform. From the outset, this site has served as a wellspring of motivation and encouragement. Throughout this process, I found myself engaged in a competition with my own capabilities, which, as they say, is the most rewarding form of competition. As a result, I achieved commendable scores in Cisco Networking - On-Premise and Cloud Solutions.

    May 12 2024 - 11:32
  • Cisco 300-420 practice tests is online and there is no fixed time to prepare for the ENSLD questions. As i am travelling i prepare when i get time and this helped me practice as much as i can.

    May 12 2024 - 10:25
  • The time allotted for taking mock tests for the Cisco 500-451 exam mirrored that of the actual exam. I couldn't afford to overthink and deliberate on answers endlessly. Thus, the challenge lay in managing time effectively while ensuring thorough coverage of the syllabus. This approach significantly contributed to my success in passing the exam.

    May 11 2024 - 20:06
  • As a busy professional, enrolling in an offline course wasn't feasible for me due to time constraints and the lack of flexibility in the materials. However, the JN0-335 mock tests provided the flexibility I needed, ultimately assisting me in obtaining my JNCIS-SEC certificate. Amazing!

    May 11 2024 - 19:32
  • 010-151 practice exam on nwexam.com are very organised and similar to the actual CCT data center exam, which helps in subsiding the anxieties and clearing the actual exam.

    May 11 2024 - 18:35
  • I was an average professional. I did not know i could much in my life because i did not have the determination for the same. 300-415 practice tests made me realize the hidden potential within. It made me sure of myself and the skills i had to give more in life and extract more out of it. Cisco ENSDWI practice exam are my hero that helped me achieve my dream and score 940 at very first attempt.

    May 11 2024 - 09:14