Explore Must-Know Details of Cisco 500-052 UCCXD Exam Using Practice Tests


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The Cisco Channel Partner Program offers a framework for partners to produce the sales, technical, and Cisco Lifecycle Services skills needed to deliver Cisco solutions to end customers. With the program’s specializations and certifications, Cisco acknowledges a partner’s expertise in deploying solutions in accordance with Cisco’s advanced technologies and services. There are many Cisco Channel Partner certifications that you can take, but here, we will only focus on Cisco 500-052 UCCXD exam.

Why Should You Go for Cisco 500-052 UCCXD Exam?

Like most technology vendors, Cisco works with the channel sales model; they don’t sell their products straightaway but depend on partners to dole out the hardware and software.

Certified partners are given promotional pricing from Cisco, and they then deliver the savings to clients. These savings are only possible if you buy Cisco products from a certified partner, and if you purchase through a wholesaler instead, you’ll spend more money.

Cisco partners are the next best thing to Cisco’s knowledge (and the best part when purchasing Cisco products).

Working with a Cisco partner allows you access to personalized service and the exceptional knowledge of Cisco experts.

When you deal with a Cisco partner, you’re working with an extension of Cisco itself. Through your partner, you instantly link Cisco’s knowledge and training.

Cisco partners can also direct you to the manufacturer to demo the latest technology. If your Cisco partner’s account manager doesn’t have the responsibility to help you decide which product is best for you, they can bring in Cisco’s sales and tech teams to show you the various features of whatever product(s) you’re considering.

Cisco 500-052 UCCXD Exam Details

This exam measures an applicant’s knowledge of the design, implementation, and operation of Cisco Contact Center Express version 11.0 deployments. The Cisco 500-052 exam consisting of 45-55 questions must be answerable in 60 minutes. Cisco UCCXD exam is a closed book, and no external reference materials are permitted. The following topics are standard guidelines for the content covered in the practical exam. However, other concerning topics may also appear on any specific exam delivery. To better reflect the contents of the exam and for accuracy purposes, the exam content may change without notification.

Cisco 500-052 UCCXD Exam Objectives

  • Design a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express System Deployment

  • Implement a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express System

  • Operate a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express System

Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Cisco 500-052 UCCXD Exam

There are some things that you must understand when studying for your Cisco 500-052 exam. Passing your exam also involves making use of valuable study resources. There are a few tips that you can follow when you study for your Cisco 500-052 UCCXD exam:

1. Know the Exam Details

First of all, you need to find out the details of the Cisco 500-052 exam. This comprises syllabus topics or skills evaluated and exam structure. Understanding the skills assessed will guide you in choosing the right study resources to use in your preparation process.

2. Draft an Effective Study Plan

After getting familiar with the exam structure and syllabus topics, the next step is to create an effective study plan. How long can you commit to learning every day? Remember that you are not going to do this in an unbeatable mode. You have to dedicate two hours daily for two months for Cisco 500-052 UCCXD exam preparation.

If you commonly spend hours after work watching TV, you need to reduce the number of hours you spend on it for exam preparation. All you need to do to have enough study time in the following weeks of your preparation should be prepared to avoid the odds of taking Cisco 500-052 UCCXD more than once. Plan your hours based on the available time.

3. Take Up Recommended Training Course

Cisco provides “Deploying Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCXD) v6.0” recommended training courses conducted by experienced experts.

These instructors are certified, and they deliver comprehensive explanations on all the topics covered in the exam. With the recommended training, you can ask the instructor questions on areas that require help.

4. Take Cisco 500-052 UCCXD Practice Test

You can take Cisco 500-052 UCCXD practice test to sharpen your exam-taking skills. The best website where you can get authentic practice tests for Cisco 500-052 UCCXD exam is the NWExam.com. This practice exam helps applicants become familiar with the Cisco UCCXD exam structure.

5. Participate in an Online Community

There are many online forums and communities where you can exchange ideas and learn from other members. With a simple google search, you can come across lots of online platforms that satisfy your learning requirements.

6. Put Away Your Smartphone

While social media and texts have made life more manageable and better in many aspects, they have also become some of the significant disturbances in the present world. If you are going to use your smartphone during the exam preparation time, it goes without saying that social media and other notifications will disturb you every so often. You need to focus on your study for the time duration. Your smartphone notifications can endure without your attention for that little while.


And just like that. You will have passed your Cisco 500-052 UCCXD exam. As you can notice, passing this exam is straightforward if you have compelling study resources that will help facilitate the preparation journey. Hopefully, you are better qualified to deal with your exam like a pro.

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