Journey to the Center of the JNCIA-DevOps JN0-223 Certification Exam


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Currently, DevOps is widely favored by executives in enterprise IT. This methodology pledges to aid in the swift deployment, efficient management, and timely updating of applications while minimizing issues and decreasing overall expenses. Getting a DevOps certification can augment your job application, increase your potential income, authenticate your knowledge of development cycles, and prepare you for more advanced career prospects. This article concentrates on the JNCIA-DevOps certification, which you can earn by successfully passing the JN0-223 exam.

What Is JNCIA-DevOps Certification?

The JNCIA-DevOps is the entry-level certification in Juniper Networks’ Certification Program’s Automation and DevOps Track. This certification confirms the individual’s proficiency in using scripting languages and tools to automate networks and devices that use the Juniper Network Junos operating system. To obtain this certification, passing the JN0-223 exam is necessary.

The JNCIA certification is intended for administrators and networking professionals who possess a basic understanding of automation tools and industry best practices. It is mandatory to obtain this certification before pursuing the JNCIS-DevOps specialist-level certification. After obtaining the JNCIA-DevOps certification, it is valid for three years, and to renew it, one can either pass any JNCIA exam or a specialist-level exam.

JNCIA-DevOps JN0-223 Exam Details

The JN0-223 exam for JNCIA-DevOps certification is conducted by Pearson VUE, which is a 90-minute test consisting of 65 multiple-choice questions. The results of the exam are available immediately after completing it, indicating whether or not you passed. The cost of taking the JNCIA-DevOps certification exam (JN0-223) is $200.

Juniper JN0-223 Exam Objectives

  • Junos Automation Stack and DevOps Concepts


  • Data Serialization

  • Python/PyEZ

  • Rest API

Target Audience

Although the JNCIA-DevOps certification is designed for novice networking professionals seeking to authenticate their Juniper Networks DevOps expertise, experienced network professionals may also find it worthwhile. Those who possess certifications for other network vendors may consider the JNCIA-DevOps as a convenient means of adding Juniper to their existing Cisco or other vendor certifications.

Is the JNCIA-DevOps Worth It?

The JNCIA-DevOps certification is acknowledged automation and DevOps certification; it is fair to say that the demand for it is not as extensive as for comparable certifications such as Cisco and AWS. Nevertheless, if you are employed or plan to work in a DevOps setting that involves Juniper Networks equipment, obtaining this certification is undoubtedly a significant initial stage.

There are two core motives why pursuing the JNCIA-DevOps certification should be taken into account, initially as a method of acquiring new abilities and subsequently as a means of distinguishing yourself from others. Both motives apply whether you work for an end-user enterprise or a services/integration company that employs certifications to prove their technical proficiency.

Steps to Follow to Prepare for JNCIA-DevOps JN0-223 Certification Exam Preparation

The following are the key recommendations for better and more structured preparation for the JNCIA-DevOps JN0-223 certification exam:

1. Make Yourself Acquainted With the JN0-223 Exam Topics

The JNCIA-DevOps JN0-223 exam covers pertinent content that requires a thorough review of each section for proper comprehension. It is crucial to compile a list of domains and topics that require your attention and select study materials that best suit your requirements. Start with the most challenging subjects, and once you have mastered them, move on to the other domains you need to learn more efficiently.

2. Managing Your Study Time Efficiently

Now that you have identified what you need to learn, creating a study timetable is crucial. Once you have familiarized yourself with the JNCIA-DevOps exam objectives and the topics covered under each objective, organize your study plan by grouping related subjects together. Ensure that you are learning new information as you progress from one domain to the next. However, when designing your study plan, keep the following points in mind:

  • Choosing the right time to study.

  • The maximum hours you can allocate to studying per day or per week.

  • Afterward, utilize authorized study materials and guidance.

  • What approach or method of training should you select to ensure sufficient preparation?

3. Refer to Juniper Training Resources

  • Industry/product knowledge - Using Juniper industry/product knowledge for exam preparation can give you a competitive edge and increase your chances of passing the exam. By understanding the capabilities of Juniper’s products and how they can be leveraged to solve real-world networking and security challenges, you’ll be better equipped to answer exam questions.

  • Juniper TechLibrary - Juniper TechLibrary is a comprehensive resource for exam preparation, providing documentation, technical manuals, and other resources related to Juniper’s networking and security products. It contains information on a wide range of topics, including routing, switching, security, automation, and more. The TechLibrary offers both introductory and advanced materials, making it suitable for exam candidates of all levels.

  • Juniper Learning Portal – Juniper Learning Portal is a valuable resource for JNCIA-DevOps exam preparation, offering a variety of training courses, labs, and other resources. The JNCIA-DevOps certification validates a candidate’s understanding of DevOps and automation concepts, as well as their ability to use Juniper tools to automate network functions.

4. Take the JNCIA-DevOps Practice Test

Practice tests are beneficial for estimating the time needed to answer each question and assessing your comprehension of each topic. Additionally, JNCIA-DevOps practice tests enable you to concentrate on individual domain topics, which is an excellent way to begin your test preparation. Once you have a good grasp of the exam syllabus, switch to taking full-length practice exams to refine your revision techniques. It’s recommended to start by taking the JNCIA-DevOps practice test to identify your areas of strength and weakness. Take JNCIA-DevOps JN0-223 Sample Questions Now!

5. Join Online Study Groups

Participating in an online study group can be beneficial in comprehending the exam topics that you found challenging. Being a part of an online study group can provide you with assistance from individuals who are also preparing for the same test or have already passed it. These individuals can offer solutions to your queries and offer useful advice.


DevOps is rapidly becoming a sought-after career path. Passing the JN0-223 exam is the most effective way to enhance your job security and increase your earnings. Therefore, to enhance your preparation, it is crucial to concentrate on all the essential areas. Develop a study plan, comprehend test patterns using the aforementioned details, and prepare for the exam step by step to pass it successfully.

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