Is Palo Alto Certification Worth It?

Palo Alto

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As organizations expand to a large size by developing on a global scale, they can’t depend just on on-premise security. So, they drive a substantial part of their business data and apps to cloud-based security frameworks such as the Palo Alto Networks. This unlocks a lot of brilliant opportunities for certified Palo Alto network engineers because of soaring cybersecurity threats. That’s why a large number of fresh college pass outs and professionals opt for the Palo Alto certification.

Palo Alto Networks is known globally as a premier provider of cybersecurity products. Palo Alto Networks certification confirms an IT professional’s skills and expertise in security management utilizing Palo Alto products. For people seeking progress in the area of IT protection, it is a worthwhile document. The core purpose of the Palo Alto certification path is to allow IT professionals to prove the skills they require to secure the internet. Three levels of Palo Alto certification, created to take every individual from novices to professionals, are part of the Palo alto certification exam. Palo Alto certifications develop benchmarks for cybersecurity skills and knowledge, offering additional confirmation of your capability to operate and handle Palo Alto Networks technology.

Palo Alto Certification Track

Palo Alto offers six different certifications:

  1. PCCET: Palo Alto Networks Certified Entry-level Technician

  2. PCNSA: Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator

  3. PCDRA: Palo Alto Networks Certified Detection and Remediation Analyst

  4. PCNSE: Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer

  5. PCCSE: Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer

  6. PCSAE: Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Automation Engineer

Moreover, Palo Alto also provides two role-based micro-credentials for innovative cybersecurity technology:

  1. PMRuA: Palo Alto Networks Micro‑Credential Remote User Administrator

  2. PMRnA: Palo Alto Networks Micro-Credential Remote network Administrator

Is Palo Alto Certification Worth It?

  • With a Palo Alto certification, you can benefit organizations to prove your knowledge in security management, specifically utilizing Palo Alto. This would help you scale up the ladder within the IT security field. The reason is that Palo Alto Networks is acknowledged throughout the world as a top-rated cybersecurity product.

  • You’ll become a master in showing the skills required to secure the internet by earning the Palo Alto certification.

  • Palo Alto certification path evolves you as an expert.

  • After passing the Palo Alto certification exam, you may not have to be stressed about getting a job, and this is because the demand for Palo Alto certified professionals has greatly increased.

  • Exceptional characteristics Of Palo Alto.

  • The access control is extremely effective in application type when app identification is far more than the protocol and port number.

  • The App-ID service blocks apps and behaviors that are extremely risky.

  • The User-ID service allows enforcement and configuration of firewall methods. 

  • User and group info to the firewall can be communicated utilizing directory servers such as Open LDAP, SunOne, eDirectory, and Microsoft Active Directory.

  • With the help of apps and traffic sources, threat prevention can be considerably improved.

  • Access to unsuitable websites can be confined by refining outbound connections.

  • Visualization of logs and reports provides a definite picture of app traffic and security conditions.

Career Opportunities with Palo Alto Certification

The market for network engineers has been rising since organizations start relying on the internet. This is because of the possible threats concerning networks and servers. Organizations need qualified professionals to defend their valuable data and applications from vulnerable hackers. Now, you know why you need to go for the Palo Alto certifications, don’t you? Over 25,000 vacant jobs are there in the US alone, but there are many thousands in all parts of the world. What’s more? Palo Alto certification salary is USD 1,20,000 per year.

Methods to Pass the Palo Alto certification exam

Below are some easy but effective methods to help you crack your Palo Alto exams:

  • Make sure you learn the exam topics thoroughly to understand them.

  • Register for the Palo Alto exams as early as possible to evade missing out because of late registration.

  • Take advantage of multiple study resources for each topic you study and go through each topic more than once. The repeated strategy can help improve the retention of the topics you cover.

  • Make a study plan and let it direct you through your preparation duration.

  • Define learning goals and objectives. With an explicit purpose, you will know precisely what you are working towards each time you prepare for Palo Alto exams, working to achieve it.

  • Master all exam objectives and complete your preparation before the actual exam date.

  • Perform practice tests from Go for it as your proven method of Palo Alto exam preparation.

  • Learn with your friends who are also studying to achieve the Palo Alto certifications by passing the relevant exams.

  • Eat healthy food, take a good night’s sleep and stay physically active to be fresh and stimulated to learn.

  • With the Palo Alto certification exam, make sure you stay attentive and read questions twice to understand what is needed before writing the answer. Don’t let your thoughts lose your way. Instead, concentrate on what you are doing.

  • Know how much time you need to answer all the exam questions and adequately manage your time to evade leaving some questions unattended because of time constraints.

Why Are Practice Tests Helpful in Passing Palo Alto Certification Exams?

Assume you’ve read through all the syllabus topics or have yet to start and wonder which way to go next. With practice tests from a reliable website such as, you can easily check if you have mastered the topics or not. You can use the Palo Alto practice test to assess your preparation level. Answering practice questions help you to identify your weak areas and direct your further preparation.

Furthermore, you get to know topics where you are lacking so that you can work on yourself right away. Palo Alto practice tests offered by are designed to match the actual exam environment.


The cybersecurity industry is advancing quickly, and thus, this is the right time to make maximum use of it. If you wish to establish a career in network security or want to have a career change, Palo Alto certification is the best option for you.

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