Reasons to Become NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA)


NetApp has been in the storage market since 1992 and gives a broad range of products and systems for backup and restoration, prescribed and virtualized storage and cloud based data centers. Although NetApp has stiff competition with EMC, HP, and Hitachi, to name a few the company realizes the value of adaptability and combination with other third party products. For example, NetApp worked with Cisco to develop FlexPod, which helps customers accomplish Cisco, Cloudera, Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, NetApp, SAP, Red Hat and other applications and environments, and NetApp's composite cloud storage combines with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, among others.


NetApp Certified Data Administrators have determined skills in performing in depth support, administrative roles, and performance management for NetApp storage controllers managing the Data ONTAP operating system in NFS and Windows (CIFS) multi-protocol environments. They are capable of implementing.

High availability controller configurations. They also have particular knowledge of SnapMirror, SnapRestore, and SnapVault, which they use to manage and protect mission-critical data.

Why to Become NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA)?

Following are the main reasons for becoming a NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA).

  • Get all the necessary learnings of storage networking

The Certification exam is vendor specific, all the fundamentals of storage networking included in the first modules. It’s important to know this if you need your skill set to connected to modern technology. Once passed you will have the determination to contribute to any technical discussion about your organization’s storage networking policy.

  • Practical Concepts

Various exams just give you a theoretical understanding of the technology. The NCDA is a partial theory, but at least half the syllabus is practical among you installing, configuring, and administering the software.

  • Highly Benefited Certification

Any organization knows the value of data storage, management, and protection. Most, have their continuation depending on these factors. Add to that the legal implications of dropping sensitive data, and you can start to see the tremendous value of data storage.

  • NetApp is Very Large Deal

You may have never learned of the company except you are familiar with storage networking; however, NetApp is the biggest storage provider to the US government. That’s pretty big. The army is training their engineers in herds.

While other organizations were disappearing during the dot-com bubble burst, NetApp was thriving. It is also in collaboration with Cisco and VMware “to offer customers an end-to-end Secure Multi-tenancy Design Architecture that provides enhanced security in the cloud,” according to Wikipedia.

  • Most Advanced Certification

No other area of technology is fueling the growth, investment, and development of storage networking.

We are still seeing developments in security, voice, and generic routing and switching but nowhere near on the scale of storage networking.

  • Certification translates into job

Check the output boards for “storage engineer” or “NetApp,” and see for yourself. If you have passed the exam, you’ve confirmed customers you are at the level NetApp themselves certify as able to support their products. The certification translates into a job.

  • Good Salary

I understand we all like to study what we enjoy, but we also have money to pay, right?

Storage engineers are in high demand, yet there is only a small supply of qualified engineers from which to draw. 

Yes, I know the amateur engineer won’t start on that, but you can ensure that each storage engineer that took part in the survey began out understanding nothing and is certified to do their job.

Add to that fact you can change the qualification into salary; it appears to make sense to any IT engineer to sincerely consider storage networking as a career path.

  • Easy to Pass Certification Exam

Other Certifications based on the combination of theoretical. Other Certifications Takes long time duration for preparation because of candidate have to remember the theoretical concepts. But, NCDA based Theoretical concepts and practical ideas where the candidate has to take practical knowledge, and for clearing this certification exam you have to take as more as possible practice required for the exam.

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