Top 5 Study Tips to Pass NetApp Certificaiton


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One of the leaders in the market in data management and storage solutions, NetApp is much in demand by huge organizations as it offers them cost efficiency of an outstanding standard. To meet this demand, they are always on the lookout for certified staff members who have undertaken the NetApp certification and are adept NetApp storage experts. Here are some tips for you to join this elite group of NetApp Certified Storage Associates.

All NetApp Certified Storage Associates are skillful in demonstrating a basic understanding of NetApp Storage systems and administration and management solutions of Data ONTAP. The NetApp Training helps them to understand 7-Mode and Clustered Data ONTAP along with its essential features and functions.

If you are interested in furthering your career as an IT storage engineer, you will get benefit from the NetApp NCDA Practice Exam that is offered by Follow these simple study tips to achieve the desired NetApp certification for your choice:-

1) Learn the Basics of Storage Networking

While all the certification exams are vendor-specific, the fundamentals of storage networking are always covered in the first few modules. It is essential to understand this if you desire that your skill set reflects and is relevant to current technology. This will help you to clear the storage networking session of the exam well and contribute to your company’s policy for the same.

2) Practice Using the Software

The NetApp Certification exam is only the part theory. The other part will test you on the practical aspects of the NetApp software and its applications. A free simulator is available to download and learn the technology so that when tested on the installation, configuration and administering the same, you will be well prepared.

3) The Certification Is Highly Prized so Make Sure to Study Thoroughly for It

All companies recognize the value of data storage, management, and protection; hence the sooner you get certified in using the NetApp software for the same, the higher your chances of securing a decent job in the IT field.

Top 5 NetApp Certifications

  1. NS0-508: SAN ONTAP Specialist (NCIE SAN ONTAP)
  2. NS0-181: Storage Installation Engineer (NCSIE)
  3. NS0-171: FlexPod Implementation and Administration Specialist
  4. NS0-191: Support Engineer (NCSE)

4) To Build up Your Confidence, Remember That the NetApp Exam Is Easily Passable.

Since the NetApp certification is a foundation certification, it can quickly be cleared. The NetApp training itself is not very long and consists of more of practical lab work with the free simulators, and if you put in a decent amount of hard work, getting the certification will be a real quick process. It’s not an easy exam, but it's easily passable.

5) The Training Course, Exam, Certification, and Software Usage Is a Big Deal.

Even if you’ve only heard the software name if you are familiar with storage networking, you must understand that as the most significant storage provider to the US Government, NetApp is a continually thriving company that also works in collaboration with Cisco and VMware. If that’s not enough motivation to study thoroughly and clear the exam, you are in the wrong field!

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