Cisco 300-635 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 300-635 (DCAUTO) Sample Questions:

01. A set of automation scripts work with no issue from a local machine, but an experiment needs to take place with a new package found online. How is this new package isolated from the main code base?
a) Add the new package to your requirements.txt file.
b) Create a new virtual machine and perform a pip install of the new package.
c) Perform a pip install of the new package when logged into your local machine as root.
d) Create a new virtual environment and perform a pip install of the new package.
02. Which two statements describe the authentication method used with Cisco Intersight REST API Requests?
(Choose two.)
a) The REST API request contains a base64-encoded signature of the message content and headers.
b) The REST API request message body is encoded as a SHA384 hash and then signed with the API Key ID.
c) The Cisco Intersight Web service verifies the signature of incoming request with the RSA public key for the API Key ID.
d) The incoming REST API request is challenged by the Cisco Intersight Web service with a request for the RSA private key.
e) The message body is encoded as a SHA256 hash if the message body is not empty and then signed with the API Key ID.
03. An engineer is implementing a Cisco Nexus switch. Which command executes an Ansible playbook called n9k.yml?
a) ansible-playbook -f N9K.yml
b) ansible-playbook -f n9k.yml -run now
c) ansible-playbook -f n9k.yml
d) ansible-playbook n9k.yml
04. When the Cisco bigmuddy-network-telemetry-collector from GitHub is used, which command displays only the message headers?
a) --print
b) --all
c) --brief
d) --print-all
05. During the process of starting a Python network telemetry collector, which command starts the Cisco bigmuddy- network-telemetry-collector from GitHub?
a) model driven telemetry
b) --ip-address --port
c) --destination --url
d) streaming telemetry
06. What is the network bootstrap program used by Cisco NX-OS iPXE?
d) Mini-OS
07. How should the Kubernetes manifests be modified to allow Kubernetes environment integration with Cisco ACI?
a) The metadata section must contain the Cisco APIC management IP.
b) The manifest does not have to be changed, but the Kubernetes object is not discovered by Cisco ACI if this is not defined in the manifest.
c) The manifests must include ACI EPG reference.
d) No change is needed to perform this action.
08. What is a feature of model-driven telemetry?
a) randomizes the data out of the network
b) continuously streams data out of the network
c) randomizes the data coming to the network
d) continuously pulls data out of the network
09. Which two statements apply to authentication when using the Cisco Intersight API?
(Choose two.)
a) Each API Key can be assigned specific roles but not privileges.
b) Secret Key is only available at API Key creation time.
c) The user credentials for the accounts are shared with the Cisco Intersight Web Service.
d) An API Key is composed of a keyId and sessionCookie.
10. When Cisco Nexus switches are implemented, which command requires the method key to perform a POST operation using the NXAPI-CLIJSON-RPC interface?
a) cli
b) cli_conf
c) cli_show
d) cli_post


Question: 01

Answer: d

Question: 02

Answer: a, d

Question: 03

Answer: d

Question: 04

Answer: c

Question: 05

Answer: b

Question: 06

Answer: a

Question: 07

Answer: d

Question: 08

Answer: b

Question: 09

Answer: b, c

Question: 10

Answer: b

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