NetApp NS0-192 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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NetApp NS0-192 (NCSE) Sample Questions:

01. Click the Exhibit button at the right. When using ONTAP, the customer uses a mirror-SnapVault cascade, as shown in the exhibit. The Snapshot copies successfully transfer from the primary volume on storage system A to the SnapMirror destination on storage system B.
However, not all SnapMirror Snapshot copies are being transferred from storage system B to the XDP destination on storage system C. In this scenario, which Snapshot copies will transfer successfully?
a) any Snapshot copy created within the last 24 hours
b) only Snapshot copies with the SnapMirror label called sm_created
c) transfers initiated by a SnapMirror schedule
d) all manually initiated SnapMirror transfers
02. Your customer has a FAS8080 2-node cluster using the default settings for storage failover. The customer contacts you because a storage failover of node A has occurred. What are two reasons that this would happen?
(Choose two.)
a) Node A loses all front-end FC connectivity.
b) Node A loses all front-end Ethernet connectivity.
c) Node A loses power.
d) Node A loses all connections to the shelves.
03. A customer has a cluster running ONTAP where AutoSupport notifications have worked in the past but have recently stopped working. In this scenario, what are two steps to begin troubleshooting the problem?
(Choose two.)
a) Review the AutoSupport history on the controller pair.
b) Use support entitlement on the NetApp Support site.
c) Review the SMTP server status.
d) Review AutoSupport settings on the controller pair.
04. Click the Exhibit button at the right. Your customer receives errors that a SyncMirror plex failed on their 4-node Fabric MetroCluster system. You verify that the other plexes are online and notice that no errors have occurred within the past year.
Referring to the exhibit, which troubleshooting step would you perform in this scenario?
a) Review that all Inter-Switch Links (ISL) are online.
b) Review the fabric switches, and ATTO bridges for errors.
c) Review if a site switchover has occurred.
d) Review all SAS connections.
05. In which three scenarios is it possible to disable and remove the aggregate Snapshot copy?
(Choose three.)
a) Your cluster is part of a MetroCluster configuration.
b) You are protecting the aggregate using SyncMirror.
c) You are protecting volumes using SnapMirror XDP.
d) You are protecting volumes using SnapMirror DP.
e) You are protecting the aggregate with RAID-DP.
06. Which statement is correct for a mirrored aggregate?
a) The aggregate has a RAID group that is double reconstructing.
b) The aggregate is configured with SnapMirror.
c) The aggregate is configured with SyncMirror.
d) The aggregate is being copied.
07. During the deployment of a new system, the administrator has a business requirement for the data volumes to have file blocking and auditing. Which feature would enable these capabilities?
a) Vscan
b) Fpolicy
c) log forwarding
d) secd tracing
08. A customer discovers fault lights on both HA interconnect links in a 2-node cluster. The customer is concerned about the cluster's ability to serve data. Which statement is true in this scenario?
a) ONTAP clustering does not depend on HA interconnect links and will continue to serve data.
b) You should perform a takeover and serve the data in failover state.
c) The HA interconnect links would automatically recover from this temporary state.
d) You should reboot both nodes.
09. Click the Exhibit button at the right. A customer reports that a node panicked due to a multidisk failure. While in take over, the customer reviewed the output of the sysconfig -a command and noticed a discrepancy in the shelf stack as shown in the exhibit.
The customer proceeded to examine the power supplies in the stack of shelves; all were functional. Which step would you take to solve this problem?
a) Replace the SAS cable from adapter 2d to shelf 1.
b) Replace the motherboard in the broken node.
c) Replace the shelf chassis of shelf 1.
d) Reseat all the disks in shelf 1.
10. A customer wants to upgrade a cluster to a new version of ONTAP. In this scenario, what are two ways to ensure a successful upgrade?
(Choose two.)
a) Use OnCommand Unified Manager.
b) Use the Upgrade Advisor report.
c) Use OnCommand System Manager.
d) Use Config Advisor.


Question: 01

Answer: a

Question: 02

Answer: c, d

Question: 03

Answer: a, d

Question: 04

Answer: b

Question: 05

Answer: a, b, c

Question: 06

Answer: c

Question: 07

Answer: b

Question: 08

Answer: a

Question: 09

Answer: c

Question: 10

Answer: b, c

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