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Many industries throughout the world are moving towards cloud storage to deal with the enormous pressure by data growth and control costs manageable. According to the Interop ITX 2018 State of Infrastructure Report examining the circumstances which were presenting the most change in an organization’s IT infrastructure environment. Around 55% of participants prefer the growth of storage data. This makes us think the rate of growth of data. Out of the surveyors, about 62% affirmed their data was rising by over 10% each year. The above statistics reveal how important it has become for organizations to utilize the best data storage and management practices. This is where the appropriate, practical-based NetApp certifications have been designed for applicants to acquire in-depth knowledge about hybrid cloud management.

Cloud-based, on-premises object stores and storage for big data analysis and containers represent the major enterprise-level data storage options that will collect further momentum throughout 2019 and beyond. According to the 2019 IT Priorities survey, 15% of the members affirmed they would deploy Amazon's Simple Storage Service or Microsoft's Azure Blob Storage as their basic public cloud object storage. Moreover, around 10% said they would execute on-premises object storage by more than 4.9% from the last year. IT students and professionals require to stay updated with the advanced technologies and happenings in the IT field through informative, credible sources. Besides informative content from credible online sources, applicants also need to earn top NetApp certifications to boost their knowledge level and opportunities to move forward in their career.

NetApp certification offers applicants and professionals the opportunity to prove their skills in the industry through technical knowledge and expertise. The certifications cover hybrid cloud track, data track, and converged infrastructure path from associate to expert level. Let’s explain each data track certification in detail that gives the best knowledge and opportunity for applicants.

1) NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP

A professional level certification that helps applicants learn how to carry out in-depth support, performance management, and administrative operations for NetApp data storage controllers running the ONTAP operating system Windows (CIFS) multiprotocol and NFS environments. Moreover, the applicants will learn the means of implementing high-availability controller configurations and gain an in-depth knowledge about SnapRestore, SnapMirror, and SnapVault technologies primarily practiced to control and secure the mission-based data. NCDA certifications and logos will be provided to the applicants who have successfully passed the NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP (NS0-161) Certification exam.

2) NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP

A professional level certification where applicants will learn how to execute ONTAP installation services, satisfy the NetApp quality standards, and utilize the officially approved NetApp practices. The NCSIE ONTAP certifications and logos will be provided to the applicants who have successfully passed the NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP (NS0-182) Certification exam.

3) NetApp Certified Support Engineer

This professional certification will qualify applicants to achieving top skills, as well as remote and on-site support, hardware replacement, node configuration, documentation troubleshooting, and root cause isolation. Furthermore, the applicant will also learn about the software and firmware upgrades for NetApp data storage systems operating the Data ONTAP® operating system in Windows® (CIFS) multiprotocol and NFS environments. The NCSE certification, badges, and logos are presented to those who successfully pass the NetApp Certified Support Engineer (NS0-194) Certification exam.

4) NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer-SAN Specialist

A specialist level NetApp certification which helps applicants to obtain proven skills in implementing, troubleshooting ONTAP SAN, planning, integrating, and FC switched fabrics and Ethernet iSCSI/FCoE solutions, and different applications and operating systems like Linux, Windows, UNIX and ESX. The NCIE—SAN Specialist ONTAP certifications, and logos are given to applicants who have successfully passed and achieved the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer - SAN Specialist ONTAP (NS0-509) Certification exam.

5) NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—Data Protection Specialist

Through this specialized certification, the applicants obtains tested skills in managing NetApp disaster recovery solutions, analyzing customer data storage obligations, and executing the backup and recovery solutions. NCIE-DP certificate and logos will be provided to students who have successfully cleared the NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP (NCDA) certification, and then proceed onto clear the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—Data Protection (NS0-525) Certification exam.

6) NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer-SAN Specialist, E-Series

This specialist level NetApp certification includes top, substantially featured topics for applicants to gain knowledge about the planning, integration, implementation, and troubleshooting of ONTAP SAN, Ethernet iSCSI/FCoE solutions and FC switched fabrics, and many applications and operating systems such as Windows, Linux, ESX, and UNIX. NCIE—SAN Specialist, ONTAP certificates and logos are offered to those applicants who have successfully acquired the NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP (NCDA ONTAP) certification, and then cleared the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer-SAN (NS0-509) Certification exam. Furthermore, the NCIE—SAN Specialist, E-Series will be provided to those who pass the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer-SAN, E-Series (NS0-515) Certification exam.

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