NetApp NS0-302 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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NetApp NS0-302 (NCHCAD) Sample Questions:

01. You are the administrator of your company's hybrid cloud infrastructure that uses cloud connected storage for your engineered NetApp systems and Azure as your public cloud provider.
You want to provide high speed access between your cloud connected storage location and your Azure infrastructure, so you provision a Direct Connect circuit. You decide to use dynamic routing for this network.
In this scenario, which dynamic routing protocol needs to be configured?
a) Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
b) Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
c) Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol
d) Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
02. Which two mandatory export policy variables need to be defined when creating a volume in Cloud Volumes ONTAP?
(Choose two.)
a) Access
b) Allowed Clients
c) Junction Path
d) Service Level
03. When you delete an instance of Cloud Volumes ONTAP, which two statements are true?
(Choose two.)
a) For versions of Cloud Volumes ONTAP lower than 8.1 you must use the CLI.
b) The version of OnCommand Cloud Manager must be greater than 1.1.
c) You cannot reuse the license.
d) The name of the working environment must be specified.
04. You are asked to reduce cloud costs by shutting down Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance when it is not in use. Referring to the exhibit, which two actions does OnCommand Cloud Manager perform on this Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance?
(Choose two.)

a) It restarts on Sunday at 11:55 p.m.
b) It shuts down on Saturday 12:00 a.m.
c) It restarts on Monday at 12:00 a.m.
d) It shuts down on Saturday 12:05 a.m.
05. Which component is used to enable failover for Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA in AWS?
a) Mediator
b) CLI
c) OnCommand Cloud Manager
d) System Manager
06. Which three protocols are supported by NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP?
(Choose three.)
a) iSCSI
b) FC
c) NFS
e) Swift
07. You want to use the Notifications Platform Service on an S3 bucket in StorageGRID to send notifications in Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) and trigger a selective replication workflow to retrieve newly created objects in AWS and run artificial intelligence workloads.
When creating the SNS external endpoint in the StorageGRID tenant, you receive the error shown in the exhibit.
What should you do to solve this issue?
a) A Platform Services Proxy must be defined in the GRID Manager.
b) The Key Pair used must match a user with access to the SNS service in AWS.
c) The Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key must match the username and password in AWS.
d) The Platform Services must be enabled on the StorageGRID tenant before configuring the endpoint.
08. Which two security group configurations would be used when deploying Cloud Volumes ONTAP?
(Choose two.)
a) Generate a security group.
b) Generate a security group with no rules.
c) Use no security group.
d) Use an existing security group.
09. You are administrator of your company's ONTAP storage systems. You activated the inactive data reporting on your SSD aggregates. After 31 days, you see no output from the ~volume show -fields performance-tier-inactive-user-data, performance-tier-inactive-user-data-percent~ command.
In this scenario, which statement is correct?
a) The tiering policy of the volume is set to ~auto~.
b) The tiering policy of the volume is set to ~snapshot-only~.
c) The tiering policy of the volume is set to ~none~.
d) The tiering policy of the volume is set to ~backup~.
10. What are two network requirements when providing an unused IPv4 CIDR block when onboarding to Cloud Volumes Service for AWS?
(Choose two.)
a) an ExpressRoute gateway
b) a private static IP block for shares and exports
c) a /28 network
d) a public elastic IP block for EC2 instances accessing shares


Question: 01

Answer: d

Question: 02

Answer: a, b

Question: 03

Answer: c, d

Question: 04

Answer: b, c

Question: 05

Answer: a

Question: 06

Answer: a, c, d

Question: 07

Answer: b

Question: 08

Answer: a, d

Question: 09

Answer: d

Question: 10

Answer: b, c

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