NetApp NS0-593 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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NetApp NS0-593 (NCSE ONTAP) Sample Questions:

01. You are working for an IT consulting company. You want to automatically obtain monthly reports for your NetApp customers by printing out the actual health status of their storage environment.
In this scenario, which online tool would you use to accomplish this task?
a) NetApp Active IQ OneCollect
b) NetApp Fabric Orchestrator
c) NetApp Active IQ
d) NetApp ONTAP System Manager
02. Your customer wants to use the new NVMe protocol in an existing Fibre Channel environment. Which two components are required to satisfy this request?
(Choose two.)
a) an AFF A-Series node with a 16 Gbps FC target adapter
b) an AFF A-Series node with a 100 Gbps NVMe RoCE adapter
c) Gen 5 or newer FC switches
d) an AFF A-Series node with a 32 Gbps FC target adapter
03. While you test a new SVM for multiprotocol access, copying new files from NFS clients to an NTFS security style volume fails with the <FONT face="Courier New" fontsize="11">Operation not permitted</FONT> error and results in 0 byte files.
In this scenario, which action should you take to solve this issue?
a) Verify that the Vserver NTFS UNIX security option is set to <FONT face="Courier New" fontsize="11">ignore</FONT>.
b) Verify that the Vserver NTFS UNIX security option is set to <FONT face="Courier New" fontsize="11">fail</FONT>.
c) Verify the permissions on the parent folder.
d) Verify name mapping for the UNIX users.
04. Your customer's storage system rebooted due to a panic event. After investigating the system with the NetApp Support team, you are asked to transfer a core from NetApp ONTAP software to NetApp for a more detailed investigation of the problem.
Which two methods are available to perform this task?
(Choose two.)
a) Upload the core by using the <FONT face="Courier New" fontsize="11">coredump upload</FONT> command.
b) Upload the core by using AutoSupport.
c) Send the core using e-mail to NetApp Support.
d) Upload the core by using ONTAP System Manager.
05. You have replaced the motherboard of your single-node cluster. Ninety days later, your users complain about being unable to access any NFS shares.
In this scenario, what is the reason for this behavior?
a) You need to install new licenses after replacing the motherboard.
b) NFS requires an additional reboot of the node after a motherboard replacement.
c) The motherboard was not installed properly.
d) The clock was not set correctly on the new motherboard.
06. After upgrading to NetApp ONTAP 9.8 software, you see the EMS events shown below.
FONT face="Courier New" fontsize="11">Fri Sep 10 01:47:19 -0400 [CLUSTER-01: kernel: nblade.execsOverLimit:error]: The number of in-flight requests from client with source IP to destination LIF (Vserver 7) is greater than the maximum number of in-flight requests allowed (128). The client might see degraded performance due to request throttling.
You want to stop the EMS events if the Linux client has multiple mounts using NFSv3 and NFSv4. In this scenario, which two actions will solve this problem?
(Choose two.)
a) Set the <FONT face="Courier New" fontsize="11">-v4.x-session-num-slots</FONT> on the NFS server to 128.
b) Set the <FONT face="Courier New" fontsize="11">sunrpc.tcp_slot_table_entries</FONT> on the NFS client to 128 or lower.
c) Set the <FONT face="Courier New" fontsize="11">sunrpc.tcp_slot_table_entries</FONT> on the NFS server to 128 or lower.
d) Set the <FONT face="Courier New" fontsize="11">-v4.x-session-slot-reply-cache-size</FONT> on the NFS server to 128.
07. You have a database server with highly transactional workloads. The server uses FCP to connect to your FAS cluster. You want to implement QoS to ensure that other workloads are not heavily impacted by the database server's workload.
Which QoS configuration satisfies this requirement?
a) Configure the MBps QoS maximum on the database server's LUN.
b) Configure the lOPS QoS minimums on the other workloads' volumes.
c) Configure the MBps QoS minimums on the other workloads' volumes.
d) Configure the lOPS QoS maximum on the database server's LUN.
08. Exhibit:
After using NVMe/FC for some time, hosts report missing paths to an AFF controller. Referring to the exhibit, which two steps would troubleshoot this issue?
(Choose two.)
a) Review the event log.
b) Verify the port status using the <FONT face="Courier New" fontsize="11">sysconfig</FONT> command.
c) Set the operational port status of 1b to <FONT face="Courier New" fontsize="11">online</FONT>.
d) Verify the zoning configuration.
09. Your organization is deploying a new Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP working environment. Which two statements describe what must be completed to accomplish this task?
(Choose two.)
a) Create an Identity and Access Management (IAM) user with the default administrator role.
b) Ensure that each node is in a dedicated Availability Zone.
c) Create an AWS access key and secret key for the Identity and Access Management (IAM) user.
d) Specify no greater than two lOPS per GiB total capacity.
10. When using hardware RAID, which RAID option is available in NetApp ONTAP Select?
a) RAID 5
b) RAID 0
d) RAID 4


Question: 01

Answer: c

Question: 02

Answer: c, d

Question: 03

Answer: a

Question: 04

Answer: a, b

Question: 05

Answer: a

Question: 06

Answer: a, b

Question: 07

Answer: d

Question: 08

Answer: a, b

Question: 09

Answer: b, c

Question: 10

Answer: b

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