7 Tips to Keep In Mind to Prepare For Cisco 300-715 SISE Exam

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One of the industry's most esteemed certifications, CCNP confirms the basic knowledge you require while giving you the resilience to select a focus area. And now, every exam in the CCNP Security certification gets an individual Specialist certification, so you get acknowledged for your achievements heading toward. To obtain CCNP Security, you are expected to pass two exams: a core exam and a concentration exam of your choice. Here in this article, we will focus on Cisco 300-715 SISE certification.

What is Cisco 300-715 SISE Certification Exam?

Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine v1.0 (SISE 300-715) is a 90-minute exam affiliated with the CCNP Security Certification. This exam measures an applicant's Cisco Identify Services Engine knowledge, comprising architecture and deployment, Web Auth and guest services, policy enforcement, profiler, BYOD, endpoint compliance, and network access device administration.

How to Breeze Through CCNP Security 300-715 SISE Exam?

Cisco certifications are extremely valued in the IT field across the world, and you can only obtain them after passing definite Cisco exams. Hence, Cisco 300-715 SISE is certainly not easy to get through. For this purpose, we have thought it perceptive to share with you some of the useful tips for passing this exam. If you follow them intensely and prepare for the exam as recommended, then you will obviously pass it on the first try.

1. Find Calm Place to Study

Suppose you are already an employee of a distinct organization and want to study in your workplace at your own comfort. In that matter, you should look for a quiet place where you can explore with significant attention. Thus, you can evade the most distractions.

If you are studying at home, find a place to study without any break and disruption. The study place must accommodate your desktop or laptop and other learning materials (like your books or study guides).

2. Create a Great Study Plan

It's vital to make a realistic study plan before starting the exam preparation. You have to determine that you want to prepare all by yourself or want to register for an online course. If you can bear a substantial expense, it's more helpful to opt for an online course than self-study because these courses are tailored as per this exam structure. But, understanding the benefits and your commitment to Cisco 300-715 SISE exam, you should take the best online course for your preparation.

3. Buy Books

Many applicants have former knowledge of networking, and that's why they prefer self-study. You can find many study guides and books related to this Cisco exam. Such books include in-depth coverage of exam syllabus topics.

4. Participate in Online Forums

Due to the development of Internet technology, you can practically discuss your preparation tactics with other fellow applicants. By participating in online forums, you can interact with other applicants and seasoned professionals. You can also ask your doubts or questions concerning Cisco 300-715 SISE exam, and it might be the case that someone has already given that solution. You can also join various social media communities and share knowledge with other applicants.

5. Execution

Thinking without execution won't cater to your target. After preparing the whole study plan, you have to follow every step strictly. Some applicants undergo stress, fear and they become disincentive during their preparation. If you are among them, it's necessary to watch motivational videos to get zeal and impulse again.

6. Take Cisco 300-715 SISE Practice Tests

After studying the entire syllabus, it's time to gauge your learning. Practice tests are the best means of identifying your weaker areas in the syllabus and reviewing them again. These exams are very much useful in evaluating your preparation method, and thus you can adjust your strategy according to the requirements. By appearing in these practice tests, you will get the identical flavor of the real certification exam.

7. Analyse the Practice Test Results

After receiving the practice test results, you need to analyze what topics you need to work on. This will help you in the proper evaluation of your test results.


The rapidly developing IT field has made it mandatory for hiring managers to hire individuals with relevant certifications in the concerning field. This suggests that your knowledge of the field and experience are not sufficient to help you secure your dream job. The tips mentioned above have confirmed that passing the 300-715 SISE exam is not as difficult as you think. Use the above tips to crack this exam on your first try and boost your career to the top where the competition is quite advantageous.

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