CCNA Certification: A Preferable Choice for a Career in Networking


As we take a move towards the future, enterprises migrate toward controller-based architectures, and so the role and skills of a core network engineer are numerous vital than ever. Everywhere in the world, technology is amending the way we live and work.

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There is a shortage of people with IT and networking skills worldwide. The U.S. Department of Labor considered the employment of network and computer systems administrators would increase by 31% from 2014 to 2024. In Brazil, the IT industry is expected to grow by 3 percent through 2019, with more than 160,000 jobs expected to remain vacant in the upcoming two years.

For any transition, you need to have the proper knowledge to adapt and evolve. The Cisco CCNA certification or correctly the CCNA Routing and Switching certification, will qualify you with the understanding of foundational technology and assure that you stay informed to adapt to future technologies as well.

Cisco is not a new vendor in the market. It has been in the industry for decades and is a world leader in networking. It regulates and transforms how people connect, communicate, and interact with each other and how people collaborate to get the work done. 

The Networking Industry is a very fast-paced industry. There are a lot of applicants, and the organizations want to take only the best to manage their significant routers and servers. So finding a job with just a basic degree is a challenging task, but with certification from one of the leading vendor of the industry, you’re sure to improve your chances of employment.

Cisco offers many certifications that confer potential employers who have put in the work to be considered a certified network technician. As the standard of excellence for impressive skill in networking, the CCNA is a vital certification to acknowledge.

The CCNA certificate comprises a broad range of networking concepts. It helps applicants to prepare for the latest network technologies they are likely to work on.

CCNA Certification Exam Details

The CCNA exam is primarily to check the basics of a professional. Thus the level of exam questions will likely continue to change with the growth of advanced technologies. However, there is a standard procedure that is followed to conduct the exam reasonably.

To obtain the CCNA routing and switching certification, you have two options

  1. One exam (CCNA 200-120)

  2. Two exams (ICND1 100-101 and ICND2 200-101)

Topics Included in CCNA Exam Syllabus

  • Basics of networking

  • OSI layers

  • TCP/IP layers

  • Cabling

  • Cisco iOS

  • Routing and Switching


  • VLAN

  • VTP

  • Redundancy protocols

  • WAN


  • ACL

  • IP routing

  • IPv4

  • IPv6

The exam is objective type. You will be presented multiple choices (uniform number of options for every question) from which you will have to select the correct answer.

There will be different types of questions like Simlet, drag and drop, Sim, and Testlet.

The number of questions asked in the CCNA exam usually ranges between 60 and 70.

The time limit for the exam is set to 90 minutes or one and a half an hours to answer all the questions.

The CCNA exam can be given in two languages, i.e., English and Japanese.

It won’t be improper to say that the CCNA exam is one of the toughest exams in the IT industry. This certification helps networking professionals to prove and demonstrate their skills. It acts as an excellent opportunity for IT professionals to advance in their career. With CCNA certification, you become an expert in networking with global acknowledgment.

Career Prospects with CCNA Certification

We are living in the Digital Era.Information Technology and computers play an essential role in our everyday lives. The following sectors are known to depend on IT and computers – banking, governance, business, healthcare, education, aviation, etc.

Due to this trend, the need for skilled networking technicians will increase in the future! CCNA certification will help one to establish a career in the IT field. It can also help IT employees advance their careers.

CCNA Certified Professionals may Don the Following Roles: –

  • Network Technician

  • Network Engineer

  • Network Architect

  • Network Security Specialist

  • System Administrator

  • System Engineer

Cisco CCNA certification can certainly give your networking career an excellent start. You can start working as of the professionals as mentioned above or employ this certification to expand opportunities to be able to develop a promising and well-paying networking career.

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