CCNP Data Center Certification Study Guide: Crucial Preparation Tips

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The CCNP Data Center certification qualifies you for professional-level job positions in Cisco data center technologies. CCNP Data Center certification now incorporates automation and programmability to help you measure your data center infrastructure.

Technology advances generate more data than ever before, allowing new applications and businesses that connect everything - people, machines, and devices. With intent-based networking, data center professionals can take advantage of automation to the extent and secure their infrastructure. To exploit these opportunities, today's data center professionals require a wide array of skills and a more profound focus in strategic technology areas.

To obtain CCNP Data Center certification, you pass two exams: one that includes core data center technologies and one data center concentration exam of your choice, so you can modify your certification to your special area of focus.

Core CCNP Data Center Certification Exam

Concentration CCNP Data Center certification Exam


There are no official prerequisites for CCNP Data Center, but you should understand the exam objectives before taking the exam.

CCNP applicants often also hold three to five years of experience in implementing enterprise networking solutions.

This article looks at the Cisco Data Center certification exam preparation tips that will assist you with your exam preparation and ensure you are placed for success in the exams.

Cisco CCNP Data Center Exam Preparation Tips

1. Obtain an Appropriate Learning Resources

There is no way you can have a powerful exam preparation without relevant learning materials. This is why it is suggested that you go through the exam objectives before you start studying for your decided CCNP Data Center exam. This will provide you the essential knowledge of what is expected from you in the exam.

After knowing the exam objectives and different skills you need to acquire before sitting for the exam, you can go ahead to choose the study materials that will help you acquire those abilities. Various study resources are available to the applicants, but you have to select intelligently. Obtain learning materials that have been developed by the Cisco certified instructors. This will ensure that you have the correct and updated information for the CCNP Data Center exam preparation.

2. Develop a Study Plan

You cannot just think of reading randomly for your Cisco exam preparation. You need to assign time for each exam objective to study. Make a practical and achievable study plan and follow it strictly. Chart out what to study and designate a definite time for it. Create your study plan around the exam topics and begin with the easy ones. This will strengthen your confidence to move on ahead for the difficult syllabus topics.

Distraction is your biggest enemy when it comes to studying for Cisco certification exams. Stay off from everything that can divert your focus, including family members, friends, and digital notifications. Multi-tasking is not helpful for the CCNP Data Center exams, so don't check your Instagram or Twitter handle simultaneously.

Focus on your study and commit sufficient time to study every concept that is needed. In addition to this, do not compile your studies until one week to the exam. Start your prep early so that you can learn the exam objectives and avoid procrastination.

3. Make Short Notes Notes when Studying for CCNP Data Center Exams

It is almost impossible to go over resource materials at least two times in your exam preparation program. For this reason, write short notes as you move forward in your study. Do not think you remember concepts and ideas; put them down to revise them afterward. Anything worth remembering, make sure you put down important topics and terminology in your notes. You can be artistic about your note-taking and make it enjoyable by drawing charts.

It is essential to read your notes right away. You finish with material because the content is still fresh in your memory, and you can effortlessly remember areas that you have missed out on your note. If you leave it for a future date, you might not remember some important points you might have overlooked. Two weeks to your exam, start revising from notes and get a solid grasp over all the CCNP Data Center concepts.

4. Take Practice Tests

In your study schedule, take the time to answer some practice questions. Practicing helps you assess your knowledge about definite concepts. It also helps you determine your weak areas in the exam syllabus topics. By taking practice tests, you understand more about it, and you attain mastery of the exam objectives. provides practice tests to applicants for Cisco CCNP Data Center certification exam. On this site, you can take practice tests to help you with your preparation. Practice tests also allow you to get familiar with the exam structure and pattern.

5. Take Time to Refresh All You Have Studied

When your scheduled exam is coming closer, start to read the notes you have written. Concentrate on this note and make sure you remember everything in your heart. You must take ample notes when reading study materials in the course of your exam preparation. Make sure you don't miss anything out to avoid overlooking some essential concepts in the exam. Refresh your mind repeatedly until you are very comfortable about going for the exam.

When the exam date finally arrived, do not get nervous. Keep in mind; you have given your best in terms of preparation. Just be calm, rest well before the exam and be in the right mindset to answer the questions.


The Cisco CCNP Data Center exam is not so tough for the individuals who study for it. Hence, follow the tips given above and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve your desired score in the Cisco certification exam.

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