Cisco Renewal Manager 700-805 CRM Certification- Complete Guide to Getting Certified

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The Customer Experience Renewal Manager (RM) role is a prominent, tactical position to enable key clients to keep processing their business and satisfy their objectives via Cisco solutions. The renewal Manager will be responsible for possessing and accomplishing a portfolio of Cisco products and service renewal contracts throughout an assigned customer account. You need to take Cisco Renewals Manager 700-805 CRM exam to become a skilled Customer Experience Renewal Manager.

All About Cisco 700-805 CRM Exam

The Cisco Renewals Manager - 700-805 CRM is a 60-minute exam for a Cisco partner’s Renewals Managers to prove their understanding of the Customer Experience (CX) theories and tools included in the RM curriculum learning map. Those who pass this exam will have satisfied one of the demands for Cisco Partners seeking a Specialization in Customer Experience.

Cisco Renewals Manager 700-805 CRM exam is meant for professionals who configure, install, and administer Cisco network systems. The exam includes the critical concepts related to the role of the Renewals Manager.

The objectives of the exam are to measure the applicants’ understanding and skills in the following areas:

  • Customer Success Foundation (20%)

  • Business Acumen (35%)

  • Leadership (30%)

  • Cisco Tools and Processes (15%)

Available Learning Options for Cisco Renewals Manager 700-805 CRM Exam

1. Training Course

Training courses are important in certification exam preparation. For Cisco 700-805 CRM exam, you can register for the Cisco SalesConnect on the Cisco official website. Cisco offers this training to access various training content to help them prepare for this exam.

2. Study Guides

There are definite study guides for the Cisco Renewals Manager 700-805 CRM exam, and you can find all the topics covered in these study guides. Along with the study guides, other books entirely detail the syllabus's content in a way that will be of excellent help to you.

3. Online Videos

Get valuable study tips from Cisco-certified professionals who explain the critical Cisco Renewals Manager certification exam concepts in an easy format for easy understanding. These professionals deliver essential tips and the significance of the skills assessed by this exam to give you better odds of passing the Cisco 700-805 exam on the first try.

4. Community and Forum

There are many online communities and forums where you can share experiences and learn from other exam-takers. Look out for the online community that fits your learning requirements. There are many different online forums that you can also join to get essential information about exam preparation.

5. Cisco 700-805 CRM Practice test

Practice tests are a must when it comes to Cisco certification exam preparation. Take Cisco 700-805 CRM practice test to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence. However, many reliable websites are available to attempt practice tests. Let’s talk about one of them, which is Your Best Option

How will help you crack Cisco Renewals Manager 700-805 CRM 70-461 certification exam on the first attempt? Well, it’s just that this is a reliable and trusted platform that provides you the authentic and updated practice questions.

The significance of Cisco 700-805 CRM practice tests must be addressed, and they are best in helping you to identify strong and weak areas and knowledge gaps.

Practice tests offered by enable you to take the exam in a timed environment. This will sharpen your time management skills.

Useful Cisco 700-805 CRM Exam Tips

Like all other Cisco certification exams, Cisco 700-805 CRM is prevalent among IT experts and organizations globally.

Achieving Cisco Renewals Manager certification will qualify you to bring solid negotiation strategies skills and orchestrate cross-functional resources across the organization to provide a unified path to secure every renewal.

Here are some of the tips that can improve your chances of passing it on the first try:

1. Calm Your Mind and Body

Cisco 700-805 CRM exam requires intense learning. Don’t stress yourself the day before your scheduled exam date; else, you might lack the stamina to focus on the questions.

2. Read Cisco 700-805 CRM Exam Questions Carefully

Avoid answering any Cisco 700-805 CRM exam question, regardless of how straightforward it may look. Read the question carefully before attempting to answer it. Think profoundly, and do not give an answer you haven’t considered enough.

3. Review Your Answers

You must review all your answers, and some of your answers may require a second thought. You can recognize and select the right answer when you check your answers.


Beyond a doubt, exam preparation is an essential event in every professional’s life. This period defines you as getting good marks in the Cisco Renewals Manager certification exam. And since this preparation phase is vital to your career growth, give utmost attention to every detail, especially to preparing with Cisco 700-805 CRM practice tests from nwexam.

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