Introduction to Cisco DevNet Professional Certification

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Obtaining Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification confirms your skills in developing and maintaining applications based on Cisco platforms. To receive DevNet Professional certification, you need to pass two exams: one that includes core software development and design for Cisco platforms, and one software developer concentration exam of your preference, so you can customize your certification to your area of focus.

Cisco DevNet Professional Exams

To earn DevNet Professional, you pass two exams, a core exam and a software developer concentration exam of your choice. And now, every exam in the DevNet Professional program gets an individual Specialist certification, so you get acknowledged for your achievements all the way.

The core exam concentrates on your knowledge of software development and design, including APIs, Cisco platforms, application deployment and security, and infrastructure and automation. The core exam gets a specialist certification, so you get recognized for your accomplishments along the way.

Concentration exams focus on emerging and industry-specific topics such as enterprise automation, collaboration automation, data center automation, service provider automation, security automation, DevOps automation, IoT, and Cloud.

Cisco DevNet Professional Certification Exams

Core Exam

Concentration Exams

How To Earn Cisco DevNet Professional Certification?

To obtain the Cisco DevNet Professional certification, you are expected to pass two exams. One of them is the core exam which is 350-901 DEVCOR, Developing Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs, and the other is the software developer concentration exam that you can take as per your choice.

The core exam is all about the fundamentals of software development like application deployment, APIs, and so on. On passing this exam, you will receive a specialist certification to help you get acknowledged on the basis of your achievement.

The software developer concentration exams include industry-specific and advanced topics like enterprise automation, collaboration automation, service provider automation, IoT, DevOps solutions, and the like.

How Can Practice Tests Help You To Clear Cisco DevNet Professional Certification Exams

If you have decided to opt for the Cisco DevNet Professional exam, your sincerity should contemplate your preparation. Indeed, the Cisco platform offers lots of study resources to help you. But to enhance your odds of success, you require more than just the usual resources.

Practice tests can prove to be among the most valuable materials when preparing for certification exams.

Provide You an Insight Into the Real Exam

No theoretical knowledge can thoroughly prepare you for a particular exam. You need some practice to understand the structure of the exam. Cisco DevNet Professional practice tests give you an idea of what kind of questions likely to be asked. This way, you can be prepared to tackle exam questions.

Cisco DevNet Professional Practice Tests Sharpen Your Skills

By answering the questions from practice tests, you can sharpen your skills and expertise in the subject. Practice tests are an excellent way to ascertain your weak and strong points in a concept so that you can concentrate more on the most challenging topics. With practice tests from, you can practice as much as you require.

Equip You With Exam Experience

Practice tests will give you an idea about the flow of the real exam. That exam experience can then help you to drive through the actual exam successfully. You’ll learn how to manage your time while taking these practice exams at your convenience.

Overcome Anxiety

In most instances, the result of your exam considerably influences many facets of your life. For example, it may be you trying to get the job of your dream of getting a letter that will accept you to the school of your dreams. Due to all of these consequences, you might seemingly find yourself having stress.

Taking practice tests consistently helps you overcome anxiety and optimum efforts, as the more you put yourself in an exam environment, the more you become familiar with it.

Why Opt for Cisco DevNet Certification?

As per Cisco, achieving Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification proves your skills in developing and maintaining applications built on Cisco platforms. It is about time for the level of automation that we have witnessed on the systems (OS/Middleware/Apps) for almost a decade to reach and transform networking finally.

With the DevNet platform, Cisco is trying to retain its superiority by creating a rich developer ecosystem as SDN and NFV have permanently altered the scope of a vendor’s lock-in.

Benefits of Cisco DevNet Professional certification

  • Acquire the skills to tackle the power of Cisco technology in your applications and user experiences

  • Strengthen your career with Cisco by confirming your in-demand software and networking automation skills

  • Strengthen your business with Cisco no matter how technology evolves

  • Join the Cisco ecosystem of innovation and place yourself apart from other developers and networkers

  • Add that Cisco DevNet certification on all your social media profiles


So, there you go! If you want to achieve the Cisco DevNet Professional certification, it is greatly recommended to practice more and more with the help of practice tests. Acquiring all the essential knowledge and practical skills to utilize such materials, you’ll easily pass the required exams and become a certified DevNet Professional. So, make some attempts now to enjoy good results in the future.

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