Top 7 Cisco CCT Collaboration 100-890 CLTECH Exam Tips


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Cisco CCT Collaboration is an inherent stage of an IT career. Achieving the CCT Collaboration certification confirms that you comprehend the software and hardware in a Cisco collaboration network and that you understand how to deliver a fundamental level of maintenance to retain calls connecting, messages flowing, and video calls clear. To attain this certification, one needs to pass the Cisco 100-890 CLTECH exam.

Overview of Cisco CCT Collaboration 100-890 CLTECH Exam

The Cisco 100-890 exam comprises 90 questions. The time given for this exam is 90 minutes. To pass the exam, you will have to score 750-850 out of 1000. The applicant can register for their exam on the Pearson VUE; the examination fee is $125.

Cisco 100-890 CLTECH Exam Topics

The following components make it up the exam:

  • The Cisco 100-890 CLTECH certification exam covers the following domains –

  • Collaboration Environment (35%)

  • Cisco Collaboration Endpoints Equipment and Hardware (20%)

  • Service Knowledge (45%)


There are no official requirements to be eligible to sit for this certification exam, but you ought to understand the exam topics before taking the exam.

Cisco CCT Collaboration 100-890 CLTECH: Preparation Steps

No one can get through the Cisco 100-890 CLTECH exam without adequate preparation. Keeping this in mind, this article covers a few preparation tips to make your preparation journey smoother.

1. Get Familiar With the Cisco 100-890 CLTECH Exam Topics and Structure

Cisco CLTECH 100-890 exam preparation should be focused on its syllabus topics and structure, which is already mentioned above. You can also get the details of exam objectives and their pattern from the Cisco official website to thoroughly understand what to expect in the exam.

2. Enroll in the Cisco Training Course

The proven method to acquire mastery in all the 100-890 CLTECH exam topics is to enroll in the recommended training course “Cisco Certified Technician Supporting Cisco Collaboration Devices (CLTECH) v1.0”. This course concentrates on the skills needed for onsite support and maintenance of Cisco® collaboration endpoints and managing environments.

3. Read Study Guides and Books

Besides enrolling in the official training course, you can also augment your Cisco CLTECH exam preparation by reading study guides and books that are easily available on Cisco Press.

4. Actively Participate in the Cisco Certification Community

Another productive method for Cisco 100-890 CLTECH exam preparation includes joining the online community. Become an active member of the online community and share ideas with other group members and learn from their experiences.

5. Utilize Cisco 100-890 CLTECH Practice Exam

The very crucial step in your preparation process should be to assess your learning with practice exams. This tool can pinpoint the definite areas that still require your attention. You can find Cisco 100-890 CLTECH practice exam from trusted websites to perceive how the exam questions are asked and deal with the exam structure. At nwexam, you can get the most updated Cisco 100-890 CLTECH exam questions and answers. Practicing them unlimited times will provide you the confidence needed to answer exam questions as you prepare almost in an actual exam environment.

6. Revise For Your Exam

Revising the Cisco 100-890 CLTECH exam syllabus topics you have studied is essential, and this helps retain the knowledge in mind for a prolonged period. The topics that you feel are difficult should be revised again and again.

7. Make Time for Sleep

Take a good night’s sleep before the exam night that retains your mind energetic and fresh. Before acing the Cisco CCT Collaboration 100-890 CLTECH exam, relax your senses and take a deep breath. Once you are ready for the exam, don’t overstress yourself. Eating healthy food and getting a good night’s sleep to nourish you with the energy to prepare you for the exam confidently.

Importance of Passing Cisco CCT Collaboration 100-890 CLTECH Exam

Many professionals involved in Cisco software and the CLI usually consider the 100-890 CLTECH exam and become more skilled and responsive for their complete careers.

 It is very factual that this Cisco certification exam unlocks amazing career opportunities for IT professionals. Let’s dive into the importance of passing this exam.

1. It Brings a Renowned Certification

After passing the Cisco 100-890 CLTECH exam with a flying score, individuals are awarded the Cisco CCT Collaboration certification proving their expertise in the hardware and software of a Cisco collaboration network. Cisco CCT Collaboration certification makes your resume stand out and all organizations would like to employ you as you have proof of your skills.

2. Attractive Salary

There is no denying that Cisco-certified professionals make better than their colleagues. After passing the Cisco 100-890 CLTECH exam, your salary will spontaneously increase because your organization will not have to hire a third-party professional to keep calls connecting, messages flowing, and video calls clear. Thus, you will always be the first preference in such activities as you own all the essential skills.

3. Cisco Is Globally Known

Cisco is a global reader in IT and is well-known for its computer networking products and certifications. Therefore, a certification from a leading vendor Cisco is a plus. Your skills and expertise will be recognized globally, as it is well-known that Cisco-certified professionals hold top-notch abilities.

4. Broader Career Prospects

Most organizations across the globe are seeking professionals who are qualified with appropriate certifications to keep up with the industry’s speed. Essentially, they are interested to see whether an individual who aims to become a network admin, among others, is armed with the needed ability to cope with the networking industry.

5. Promotions

This is one of the most significant reasons that most IT professionals get certified. Working as a network admin is inappropriate in your career, and we all need to see progress. Upon achieving the Cisco CCT Collaboration certification, you will be the first choice for promotion.


To sum up, becoming Cisco certified professional is exalted, as this vendor is internationally acknowledged. The Cisco CCT Collaboration certification is one of the most prevalent certifications for those who plan to be a Cisco Third-Party Maintainer Field Engineer and receive good pay-packages. It unlocks great opportunities for your further professional growth. You need to pass the 100-890 CLTECH exam and study hard to crack it. By visiting the Cisco website and using practice tests offered by nwexam, you’ll gain confidence and pass the test on your first try.

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