Juniper JN0-251 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Juniper JN0-251 (JNCIA-MistAI) Sample Questions:

01. By default, which statement is correct regarding the upstream interfaces configuration on a Mixtape?
a) The interface is configured to use VLAN 10.
b) The interface is configured as a trunk port and accepts only tagged traffic.
c) The Interface is configured to use VLAN 11.
d) The Interface is configured to send untagged traffic.
02. How should a Mist AP43 be mounted?
a) mounted vertically above ceilings
b) mounted horizontally on a ceiling
c) mounted vertically on a wall
d) mounted horizontally on a table
03. Mist Radio Resource Management makes dynamic changes to which resource?
a) channel width
b) BLE channel
c) RF template
d) channel
04. A customer wants to physically wire their interior automated sliding doors to Mist APs to directly control location access to certain office areas.
In this scenario, which Mist AP capability allows them to accomplish this task?
a) header pins
b) optical sensor
c) audio sensor
d) IoT interface
05. The only protocol used by your network is TCP/IP, despite the fact that workstations in the organization do not have access to the Internet.
A user has been accessing files on server on your network and now wants to connect to a Web server that is used as part of the company’s intranet. The user enters the URL of the Website into Internet Explorer.
Which of the following servers will be used to provide information needed to connect to the Web server?
a) DHCP server
b) DNS server
c) WINS server
d) File server
06. What are two requirements to connect an AP to the Mist Cloud?
(Choose two.)
a) You need a static IP address.
b) You need a CA SSL certificate.
c) You need a DHCP server.
d) You need DNS resolution.
07. In a standard roam from one access point to another access point, what makes the decision to roam?
a) the client device
b) the cloud
c) the access point
d) the controller
08. Felicia is the network administrator for a Windows Server network. There are several junior network administrators employed.
Felicia suspects that changes have been made to the security settings on several servers. There is a standard security template with which all new servers are configured.
What tool can Felicia use to verify the current security settings against those within the original template?
Select the best answer.
a) Active Directory Users and Computers
b) System Monitor
c) Security Templates
d) IP Security Monitor
e) Security Configuration and Analysis
09. Which SLE would you use to determine Wi-Fi interference?
a) AP Uptime
b) Roaming
c) Successful Connects
d) Capacity
10. Under ideal conditions, which frequency band will have the farthest usable range?
a) 6 GHz
b) 900 MHz
c) 2.4 GHz
d) 5 GHz


Question: 01

Answer: b

Question: 02

Answer: c

Question: 03

Answer: d

Question: 04

Answer: a

Question: 05

Answer: b

Question: 06

Answer: a, d

Question: 07

Answer: a

Question: 08

Answer: e

Question: 09

Answer: d

Question: 10

Answer: c

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