Get Ready to Take Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials 700-651 CASE Exam


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What is Cisco 700-651 CASE Exam?

Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials 700-651 CASE exam measures an applicant's understanding of the skills demanded by an account manager to formulate and sell Cisco collaboration architecture solutions.

Cisco 700-651 CASE Exam Structure

  • Exam Code: 700-651 CASE

  • Associated Certification: Video (Collaboration)

  • Duration: 60 minutes

  • Number of Questions: 45 - 55

  • Available Language: English

  • Register: Pearson VUE

Cisco 700-651 CASE Exam Topics

  • Collaboration Solution Architecture (30%)

  • Simplified Licensing to Drive Sales (13%)

  • Business Outcome Features and Benefits (17%)

  • Competition (10%)

  • Business Case (30%)

Complete Guide for the Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials 700-651 CASE Exam Preparation

For charting out the perfect preparation plan, gathering the appropriate information about the Cisco CASE 700-651 exam is important. To enable you to do the same, the following details a few of the crucial steps that you should follow for your Cisco 700-651 CASE exam preparation.

1. Visit the Official Webpage

For the best start on the Cisco 700-651 CASE exam preparation, your first step should be to become familiar with the essential details of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials exam. The most trusted and ideal place for obtaining information about this exam is the Cisco 700-651 official webpage. Since Cisco itself published the information on this page, it acts as an ideal source of information about the Upgrade examination throughout your preparation.

2. Take the Recommended Training

Cisco itself provides a training course, ''Cisco SalesConnect'' to provide comprehensive learning of the Cisco 700-651 exam topics.

The same is viewed as significant to the examination mainly because of the reality it is explicitly created and recommended by Cisco. Taking this course can be beneficial in your Cisco CASE exam preparation and achieving the Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials certification.

3. Join Online Forums and Communities

While preparing for the Cisco 700-651 exam, obstacles are almost difficult to prevent. Thus, to ensure that the obstacles don't impact the productiveness of your Cisco 700-651 CASE certification preparation, it is advised that you join relevant discussion forums and communities.

As a consequence, you'd be able to promptly overcome any doubts that you might have while reading about the Cisco 700-651 exam concepts. Along with it, these discussion groups might also help you in incorporating your preparation schedule with more efficient tips through the help of candidates within the communities.

4. Take Cisco 700-651 CASE Practice Tests

There is also another aspect of passing the examination with consistent preparation – accurate time scheduling. Like any other Cisco exam, the Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials exam provides 60 minutes to answer 45-55 questions.

Keeping in mind the depth of the Cisco 700-651 exam questions, you must adapt yourself to the exam's restrictions on you. The most practical technique for doing the same is by taking the Cisco 700-651 CASE practice tests on

Practice tests on the website will help you get familiar with the exam but also help you in completing the exam in a given time. As an added advantage, taking a practice test from this site can brief you about the types of questions asked in the exam.

5. Schedule Your Cisco 700-651 CASE Exam

Having a significant preparation time between registrations and attempting the exam. Cisco permits you to schedule your exam based on your convenience and priorities. Thus, it is suggested that you prioritize scheduling your exam according to your preparation plan to ensure that you are given a justifiable duration for mastering the exam concepts.

6. Stay Fit and Healthy

The following expert tip for success in any exam is staying away from stress. A well-organized schedule can help you be calm and composed. Still, you do not need to worry about any obstacles to getting stuck on a definite concept. Try to find out solutions with a calm posture. It will help you keep your mind and body in good shape for the examination. Always bank on consistency, patience, and determination throughout your preparation.


On a concluding note, success in the Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials exam entirely depends on your will and dedication.

Count on the above-mentioned preparation guide for Cisco 700-651 CASE exam preparation and get ready to ace the exam. As mentioned, Cisco 700-651 practice tests help the exam takers to become familiar with the actual exam. Take Cisco CASE practice tests to increase your confidence level before sitting in the actual exam.

Wish you the best for the Cisco 700-651 exam!

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