How Can PCNSE Certification Boost Your Career? Are Exam Practice Test Worth Using?

Palo Alto

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Almost every organization is moving towards Palo Alto, and because of this, the need for Certified Palo Alto Networking Professional or individuals having PCNSE certification is growing day by day. Acquiring the Palo Alto Network Security Engineer certification affirms that an IP professional has updated skills, acquired extensive cybersecurity knowledge, and understood cyber threats. Having Palo Alto PCNSE certification confirms your skills and proves your expertise to design, operate, manage, configure, troubleshoot, and deploying basic Palo Alto Networks.

Palo Alto PCNSE Exam Details

Getting into the exam’s details, the PCNSE exam comprises 75 questions that you should complete within 80 minutes. To pass this Palo Alto certification exam, you need to score a minimum of 70 to 80 points out of a possible 100. PCNSE exam cost is $175, and the exam can be scheduled at PEARSON VUE.

PCNSE exam has four distinct topics, each of which has a definite percentage weight. They include:

  • Plan (16%)

  • Deploy and Configure (23%)

  • Operate (20%)

  • Configuration Troubleshooting (18%)

  • Core Concepts (23%)

How to Pass the Palo Alto PCNSE Certification Exam?

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the PCNSE certification exam:

  • Obtain all the essential information about the Palo Alto Network Security Engineer exam

  • Know exam objectives

  • Make a study plan and follow it strictly

  • Complete recommended training

  • Use PCNSE practice test

  • Make the most out of all available resources

  • Acquire hands-on experience

  • Actively participate in an online community and study group. Online communities are the best platform to be in touch with like-minded people. You can ask doubts and exchange information with those taking the Palo Alto Network Security Engineer exam as you.

  • Schedule your exam well in advance.

  • Read all the instructions and PCNSE exam questions thoroughly

  • Answer the easy PCNSE exam questions first. Then, you can concentrate on the others while making sure to answer all the questions

Why Take the PCNSE Practice Test?

There is no way you can expect to crack the Palo Alto PCNSE exam without good practice. There are several online platforms to take PCNSE practice tests, such as You can access practice questions and bring them in a real-life exam environment on this website, which will give you a real vibe of the exam conditions.

Here you can find the reasons why you should use the PCNSE practice test:

1. Practice Test Gives You Much Needed Confidence

As you answer the PCNSE practice questions and review them many times, you can keep more specific and persistent. This indicates that you master more concepts and move faster in your preparation. As an outcome, confidence increases each day you use the Palo Alto Network Security Engineer practice test.

2. Alleviate Stress

Understanding what to expect during this Palo Alto certification exam puts your mind at ease. Using the Palo Alto PCNSE practice test allows you to identify the likely mistakes that are likely to be made and correct them timely. This indicates that while acing the Palo Alto Network Security Engineer exam, you have total control over your emotions, so stay calm and composed throughout the exam. Being mentally prepared goes a long way in alleviating stress and anxiety!

3. PCNSE Practice Test Makes You Familiar with Question Types

In working with Palo Alto Network Security Engineer practice questions, you can become familiar with all the question formats used in the actual exam. Practice tests gauge your knowledge of all the possible aspects included in the exam. Furthermore, you acquire skills to deal with any PCNSE exam question that you’ll face at the exam.

Benefits of Palo Alto PCNSE Certification

There are many benefits associated with Palo Alto PCNSE certification, and here we will list some essential ones.

  • This certification adds value to your CV and helps you stand out from the group. With this certification added to your CV, the possibility of obtaining the job upsurge, and also it allows you to receive a higher salary. According to Payscale, the PCNSE salary of certified IT professionals can expect approximately $93,000 yearly.

  • Palo Alto Network is among the substantial security platform providers, and as network security is getting vital, so does the need for the Palo Alto certified holder. This certification demonstrates that the person has thorough knowledge and can install and manage implementations on Palo Alto Network.

  • Skills are challenging to gauge, but the Palo Alto Network Security Engineer certificate helps you prove an expert in implementing firewalls for borderline networks.


Now, the Palo Alto certification is in great demand and will be in the future. Organizations hire applicants that have this certification because of the thought-provoking aspects. These certifications are evidence of your skill and based on this expertise; the PCNSE certificate holders earn higher salaries than non-certified holders. If you are thinking of obtaining this Palo Alto certification, now is the best time to go for it.

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