Cisco 200-150 Certification Exam Syllabus

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Our team of experts has composed this Cisco 200-150 exam preparation guide to provide the overview about Cisco Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking exam, study material, sample questions, practice exam and ways to interpret the exam objectives to help you assess your readiness for the Cisco DCICN exam by identifying prerequisite areas of knowledge. We recommend you to refer the simulation questions and practice test listed in this guide to determine what type of questions will be asked and the level of difficulty that could be tested in the Cisco CCNA Data Center certification exam.

Cisco 200-150 Exam Overview:

Exam Name
Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking
Exam Number 200-150 DCICN
Exam Price $300 USD
Duration 90 minutes
Number of Questions 55-65
Passing Score Variable (750-850 / 1000 Approx.)
Recommended Training Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) v6.0
Exam Registration PEARSON VUE
Sample Questions Cisco 200-150 Sample Questions
Practice Exam Cisco Certified Network Associate Data Center Practice Test

Cisco 200-150 Exam Topics:

Section Weight Objectives
Data Center Physical Infrastructure 15%
1 Describe different types of cabling, uses, and limitations
2 Describe different types of transceivers, uses, and limitations
3 Identify physical components of a server and perform basic troubleshooting
4 Identify physical port roles
5 Describe power redundancy modes
Basic Data Center Networking Concepts 23%
1 Compare and contrast the OSI and the TCP/IP models
2 Describe classic Ethernet fundamentals
a) Forward
b) Filter
c) Flood
d) MAC address table
3 Describe switching concepts and perform basic configuration
a) STP
b) 802.1q
c) Port channels
d) Neighbor discovery
d) [i] CDP
d) [ii] LLDP
e) Storm control
Advanced Data Center Networking Concepts 23%
1 Basic routing operations
a) Explain and demonstrate IPv4/IPv6 addressing
b) Compare and contrast static and dynamic routing
c) Perform basic configuration of SVI/routed interfaces
2 Compare and contrast the First Hop Redundancy Protocols
3 Compare and contrast common data center network architectures
a) 2 Tier
b) 3 Tier
c) Spine-leaf
4 Describe the use of access control lists to perform basic traffic filtering
5 Describe the basic concepts and components of authentication, authorization, and accounting
Basic Data Center Storage 19%
1 Differentiate between file and block based storage protocols
2 Describe the roles of FC/FCoE port types
3 Describe the purpose of a VSAN
4 Describe the addressing model of block based storage protocols
a) FC
b) iSCSI
Advanced Data Center Storage 20%
1 Describe FCoE concepts and operations
a) Encapsulation
b) DCB
c) vFC
d) Topologies
d) [i] Single hop
d) [ii] Multihop
d) [iii] Dynamic
2 Describe Node Port Virtualization
3 Describe zone types and their uses
4 Verify the communication between the initiator and target
c) active zone set

Cisco DCICN Exam Description:

This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of data center physical infrastructure, data center networking concepts, and data center storage networking. The course, Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking v6 (DCICN), will help candidates prepare for this exam, as the content is aligned with the exam topics.

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