Cisco 200-355 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 200-355 (WIFUND) Sample Questions:

01. Which statement best describes scattering of a signal?
a) Loss of signal as it passes through an object
b) A wave passing from one medium to another
c) Encroachment into the Fresnel Zone
d) Reflection of a signal in the air causing it to be sent it multiple directions
02. Which of the following represents the best Signal to noise ratio (SNR)?
a) RSSI of -95 and Noise of -95
b) RSSI of -50 and Noise of -25
c) RSSI of -70 and noise of -95
d) RSSI of -25 and noise of -10
03. Which of the following is the correct sequence for data transmission on a WLAN?
a) RTS – CTS – DATA – ACK 
d) Probe – Probe Response – DATA—ACK
04. Beacon frames contain which of the following
(Choose 3)
a) Supported rates
b) Supported SSIDs
c) Time stamp
d) Encryption key
e) Keep alive time
05. Switch ports to access points should be configured as?
(Choose 3)
a) Switchport mode trunk
b) Switchport mode access
c) Spanning Tree – PortFast enabled
d) Spanning Tree – PortFast disabled
06. Switch ports to WLAN controllers should be configured as?
(Choose 2)
a) Switchport mode access
b) Switchport mode trunk
c) Spanning Tree – PortFast disabled
d) Spanning Tree – PortFast enabled
07. What does DHCP option 43 provide for in a Cisco WLAN?
a) DNS server name
b) DNS domain name
c) Advertise WLC addresses
d) Default gateway
08. When using WPA2 with PSK, how many keys can be configured per WLAN?
a) 1 ASCII or 1 Hex
b) 2 ASCII and 2 Hex
c) 4 ASCII and 4 Hex
d) 2 ASCII and 1 Hex
09. Which of the following are correct regarding troubleshooting methodology?
(Choose 2)
a) Bottom-up starts at the physical layer
b) Bottom-up starts at the application layer
c) Top-down starts at the application layer
d) Top-down starts at the physical layer
10. The typical Site Survey process requires the following steps?
(Choose  3)
a) Pre-deployment Site Survey
b) Initial walkthrough
c) Predictive WLAN design
d) Indirect Site Survey
e) Post Deployment Site Survey


Question: 01

Answer: d

Question: 02

Answer: c

Question: 03

Answer: a

Question: 04

Answer: a, b, c

Question: 05

Answer: a, b, c

Question: 06

Answer: b, c

Question: 07

Answer: c

Question: 08

Answer: a

Question: 09

Answer: a, c

Question: 10

Answer: a, b, e

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