Cisco 210-455 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 210-455 (CLDADM) Sample Questions:

01. Which of the following statements best describe Cisco Prime Service Catalog?
a) It is a self-service portal
b) It is an UCS Director service to provision VMs
c) It is a GUI to design new services
d) It is a WEB-based service to request UCS Director support form Cisco
02. Which step should be done prior to backing up or restoring databases?
a) Time sync
b) Show Version
c) Stop Database
d) Stop Service
e) Start Database
03. Which statements are true regarding the UCS Director CloudSense analytics?
(Choose three)
a) It provides the visibility into the infrastructure resources utilization
b) It provides the visibility into critical performance metrics across the IT infrastructure stack
c) It provides the visibility into capacity in real time.
d) It provides the visibility into physical infrastructure only
04. In which menu can you add the report widget to the dashboard?
a) Policies > Application Containers.
b) Virtual > Compute
c) Physical > Compute
d) Policies > Catalogs
05. What was the first virtualization solution?
a) Mainframes
b) VMware
c) Time-sharing
d) Remote desktops
06. Which of the following statements is not true regarding VLANs and UCS Director?
a) A VLAN is a logical grouping of devices on one or more LANs that are configured to communicate as if they were attached to the same wire
b) VLANs are created to manage Cisco UCS and network devices
c) You must assign the appropriate uplink interfaces to your VLANs
d) VLAN ID must be a combination of numeric and alphabetic characters
07. Which resources can be limited for different tenants?
(Choose three)
a) Virtual resources
b) Operating system resources
c) Physical resources
d) End-user resources
08. What is the maximum number of NTP servers you can configure in Cisco UCS Director?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) more than three
09. Which of the following are valid types of DNS records?
(Choose three)
a) A
b) B
c) PTR
d) RTR
f) NS
10. In which menu of the UCS Director do you Manage Service Profile Templates?
a) Policies > Application Containers
b) Physical > Compute 
c) Policies > Catalogs
d) Virtual  > Compute


Question: 01

Answer: a

Question: 02

Answer: d

Question: 03

Answer: a, b, c

Question: 04

Answer: b

Question: 05

Answer: c

Question: 06

Answer: d

Question: 07

Answer: a, b, c

Question: 08

Answer: d

Question: 09

Answer: a, c, f

Question: 10

Answer: a

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