Cisco 300-180 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 300-180 (DCIT) Sample Questions:

01. Which two causes can prevent a KVM console session from being launched?
(Choose two.)
a) TCP Port 2068 is not blocked.
b) The installed Java version is 1.7.
c) Too many KVM sessions to the same server are concurrently opened.
d) The Java Control Panel is configured to not keep temporary files on the local computer.
02. How will the Cisco UCS Manager react when all of the FSM tasks fail?
a) retries for 60 seconds
b) raises faults and alarms
c) restarts from the previous known good task
d) sends an NOC SNMP trap email
03. Which modes are possible Fibre Channel interface modes?
(Choose four)
a) S Port
b) F Port
c) TP Port
d) TE Port
e) NP Port
f) SP Port
04. What is the correct flow of ELAM configuration?
a) Init, Config, Arm, Read, Reset
b) Reset, Init, Arm, Config, Read
c) Reset, Read, Init, Config, Arm
d) Init, Arm, Config, Read, Reset
05. Which command displays processes in the error state?
a) show processes cpu
b) show processes
c) show processes cpu | include ER
d) show processes memory
06. In new Cisco UCS release 2.0 installations, what are the default VLAN IDs?
a) Ethernet VLAN default ID is 4048, FCOE default VLAN ID 4048
b) Ethernet VLAN default ID is 1, FCOE default VLAN ID is 3968
c) Ethernet VLAN default ID is 1, FCOE default VLAN ID is 2
d) Ethernet VLAN default ID is 2, FCOE default VLAN ID is 4047
e) Ethernet VLAN default ID is 1, FCOE default VLAN ID is 4048
07. Which three elements inside the Fabric Interconnects are part of Cisco UCS Manager?
(Choose three.)
a) Chassis Management Controller (CMC)
b) Finite State Machine (FSM)
c) Data Management Engine (DME)
d) Serial Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (SEEPROM)
e) Application Gateway (AG)
08. You should use the show cdp neighbor command to quickly verify which aspect?
a) basic physical connectivity
b) the Layer 2 switching operation
c) the Layer 3 routing operation
d) the end-to-end protocol communication
09. Which states are possible Fibre Channel interface operational states?
(Choose three)
a) auto
b) up
c) trunking
d) down
e) active
10. Which two requirements relate to Layer 1 and Layer 2 links of a Fabric Interconnects cluster?
(Choose two.)
a) 1-Gbps speed
b) category 5 cable
c) 10-Gbps speed
d) category 6 cable


Question: 01

Answer: c, d

Question: 02

Answer: b

Question: 03

Answer: b, d, e, f

Question: 04

Answer: a

Question: 05

Answer: c

Question: 06

Answer: e

Question: 07

Answer: b, c, d

Question: 08

Answer: a

Question: 09

Answer: b, c, d

Question: 10

Answer: a, d

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