Cisco 400-201 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 400-201 (CCIE SP) Sample Questions:

01. Which two frame types are correct when configuring T3 interfaces?
(Choose two.)
a) M23
b) G.832
c) Extended Super Frame
d) C-bit parity
e) G.751
f) Super Frame
02. An engineer has just configured IOS-XR with out-of-band MPP. Which are the three results that will occur?
(Choose three.)
a) Management traffic to RPfrom all non-MPP interfaces is dropped
b) RP/DRP Ethernet Interfaces are not default out-of-band interfaces.
c) MPP configuration changes doesn’t affect active sessions established before the changes
d) Interfaces configured for out-of-band MPP are still part of global routing/forwarding
e) If MPP is disabled and a protocol is activated, all interfaces cannot pass traffic
f) LPTS will provide rate limiting
03. Which two statements about forwarding equivalence class (FEC) are true?
(Choose two)
a) FEC might correspond to a destination IP subnet, but it might also correspond to any traffic class that the edge LSR considers significant.
b) FEC is a group of IP packets that is forwarded over a different path, but with the same forwarding treatment.
c) FEC is a group of IP packets that is forwarded over the same path, and with the same forwarding treatment.
d) FEC is a group of IP packets that is forwarded over a different path, but with the different forwarding treatment.
e) FEC is a group of IP packets that is forwarded over the same path,but with a different forwarding treatment.
04. Which are the two purposes of the MPLS label value 1?
(Choose two.)
a) it is used for MPLS OAM packets.
b) it indicates an implicit null label.
c) it is used for VPNv6 packets.
d) it is used to carry the QoS value in the label stack.
e) it indicates an explicit null label.
f) it indicates a router alert label.
05. Which is the main goal of BGPsec regards to improve BGP security?
a) Reduces risk of improper route propagation from unauthorized AS numbers
b) Configures BGP route verification by storing routes in a database used to validate AS numbers
c) Adds encryption to route propagation outside the iBGP AS
d) Increases legitimacy and authenticity of BGP advertisements
06. What is the main advantage of H-VPLS over VPLS?
a) H-VPLS provides redundancy.
b) H-VPLS provides security.
c) H-VPLS improves the scalability.
d) H-VPLS allows a broader use of protocols.
07. What are two advantages of Cisco IOS XR Software over Cisco IOS Software?
(Choose two.)
a) a configuration that is grouped by interface
b) a configuration that is grouped by process
c) one-stage configuration
d) a monolithic OS
e) a two-stage configuration
08. In a frame, the MPLS label is imposed where?
a) Before the layer 2 header
b) Within the Layer 3 header
c) After the Layer3 header and before Layer2 header
d) After the Layer2 header and before Layer3 header
09. Which two statements about Unified MPLS are true?
(Choose two.)
a) Unified MPLS works on Cisco IOS XR Software only.
b) Unified MPLS extends MPLS across multidomain networks in a scalable manner.
c) New technologies or protocols are not used; only MPLS, LDP, IGP, and BGP are used.
d) ABR loopback prefixes should always be redistributed from the core IGP into the aggregation IGP.
e) The RRs are part of the control path only.
10. BGP best route selection process is based on what?
a) path attributes
b) lowest cost
c) highest bandwidth
d) lowest delay
e) lowest hop-count


Question: 01

Answer: a, d

Question: 02

Answer: a, c, f

Question: 03

Answer: a, c

Question: 04

Answer: a, f

Question: 05

Answer: d

Question: 06

Answer: c

Question: 07

Answer: b, e

Question: 08

Answer: d

Question: 09

Answer: b, c

Question: 10

Answer: a

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