Cisco 642-996 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 642-996 (DCUFD) Sample Questions:

01. Which two options are the main operational limitations of data centers?
(Choose two.)
a) server consolidation
b) power and cooling
c) rack space
d) rack weight
02. Which three cloud deployments are based on the NIST classification?
(Choose three.)
a) virtual cloud
b) private cloud
c) open cloud
d) public cloud
e) cloud as a service
03. How is the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch virtualized using VDCs?
a) Multiple switches join the same VDC and establish vPCs
b) A switch is divided into multiple VDCs
c) The switch is divided using multiple VLANs and VRFs
d) VDCs virtualize the switch on the hypervisor layer.
04. Which OSPF area type is most suitable for data center usage?
a) OSPF totally stubby area
b) OSPF not-so-stubby area
c) OSPF Area 0
d) OSPF virtual link
05. Which three options are phases of the data center design process?
(Choose three.)
a) assessment phase
b) fan-out phase
c) plan phase
d) verification phase
06. Where is the common Layer 2 termination point in data center networks?
a) data center core layer
b) data center aggregation layer
c) data center access layer
d) data center virtual access layer
07. Which protocol or solution provides default gateway redundancy?
c) RIP
08. What is the classic division of a hierarchical network?
a) access—aggregation—core
b) management—policy control—policy enforcement
c) routing—switching—inspection
d) hypervisor—kernel
09. Which underlying technology does OTV require to establish an overlay link between two data centers?
a) IP multicast
b) IP
c) Ethernet
10. What is the recommended mode for an access switch when designing a Cisco Unified Fabric deployment?
a) FCF mode
b) Fibre Channel switch mode
c) NPV mode
d) domain manager mode


Question: 01

Answer: b, c

Question: 02

Answer: b, c, d

Question: 03

Answer: b

Question: 04

Answer: c

Question: 05

Answer: a, c, d

Question: 06

Answer: b

Question: 07

Answer: a

Question: 08

Answer: a

Question: 09

Answer: a

Question: 10

Answer: c

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